When Carol looks into a mirror -- any mirror -- she sees images that horrify and repulse her. She's not a Medium, she's not a Ghost Whisperer, she's a frightened young woman on the edge of madness. Will the handsome stranger who offers to help turn out to be her salvation, or her final vision of terror?

An Europol agent is hunting a killer. He is called to Spain to track down this killer. He gets some unexpected help from the prime suspect’s temperamental twin brother. Pygmalion is a ruthless killer. He usually murders his victims and takes picture of them to show his murderous handiwork. And the victim this time is from Spain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Reflections torrent reviews

Jennifer H (jp) wrote: This movie is a MUST see! It's funny, upbeat, and the cast and director are absolutely amazing! I recommend it for the rom/com lovers out there!

William M (jp) wrote: Just boring and uninteresting.

Brian W (fr) wrote: A little bit too long, but definitely a great plot. Ryan Dunn put his all into this movie, he's hilarious. R.I.P Random Hero.

Cilla B (de) wrote: it touched my heart =]

kel m (it) wrote: looks good and not as gory as passion of the christ

Ryan C (fr) wrote: If you don't understand Dane Cook's appeal, you still won't after this film. It's just another poor Cook film that gives a few decent laughs and leaves you wondering if Jessica Alba fired her agent after this.

Patrick S (jp) wrote: This Gallic gangster film is captivating in its first half, but feels protracted in its second. While not quite on par with genre entries from Jean-Pierre Melville, Classe Tous Risques does feature great performances from Lino Ventura and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Kris W (au) wrote: Very predictable catch a killer movie, but great cast (Willem Dafoe, Fred Ward, Scott Glenn) makes it worth viewing.

Gordon R (ca) wrote: Father takes revenge against those responsible for the death of his son in this predictable but entertaining revenge flick.

Jenna P (br) wrote: Sam Neill continues his extended audition for EVENT HORIZON in a latter day John Carpenter picture that is completely bonkers in all the right ways (except the ending). John Trent (Neill) is hired to investigate a missing cash cow of a horror writer only to discover that said writer might have found a way to write reality instead of just fiction.I'm not sure that I should say more than that. As I wrote, the ending was a bit of a letdown, but up until the final two minutes, I enjoyed everything. This movie has monsters for monster fans, jump scares and creepy camera work, montage sequences, buckets of blood, terrifying children, Sam Neill crying his eyes out (see what I did there? ha!), and layers of meta humor about artists creating art and its level of importance in the world. It even spends quite a bit of the movie in an asylum. Good times!

Jeff S (br) wrote: Ranks up there among Pixar's best efforts

R d (ru) wrote: bad acting...awful movie