After their parents abandon the family, a young woman works to take care of her younger siblings.

A 2012 American drama film written and directed by Jessica Goldberg, Refuge tells about a college dropout (Krysten Ritter) struggles to take care of her young siblings after their parents inexplicably abandon them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Refuge torrent reviews

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Daniel M (ca) wrote: Very stupid and not entertaining.

Aaron O (ag) wrote: Great film despite what critics say full of humor and quite a sad ending, but is picked up in the credits!

Bill B (de) wrote: This is a film that I somehow never happened to rent way back in the days of heavy VHS viewing, so I was pleased to give it a spin on cable recently. Spike Lee tells a very interesting tale about the Son Of Sam killings, as they effect the lives of a varied cast of characters in a Brooklyn neighborhood, butting the action up against the Disco scene and the rise of the Punk movement, and I really dug it quite a bit.Good stuff, well worth a rental.

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