Reggaeton the Movie

Reggaeton the Movie

Towards the end of the 90's two singers, a dancer, and a novel music producer find themselves in a hard personal and professional battle where the main thing is to be the best at trying to fulfill their dreams. Although its internal conflicts will take them to the depths of the urban world of music and dance today called reggaeton, they will unite their talents to achieve their goals. Inspired by the history of a genre full of conflicts.

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David C (de) wrote: Great entrance into the life of a couple beset by the reality of life

Saebom L (fr) wrote: Few really funny moments. Generally though, kind of ridiculous.

Simon T (ag) wrote: Forensic evisceration of the empty lives of several lost souls grubbing around in Hollywood. Cronenberg only reveals the layers slowly and avoids satirising these screwed up narcissists. He's aided by some wonderful and subtle performances, a strange and unsettling screenplay by Bruce Wagner, and a subtle and ominous score from Howard Shore. If Short Cuts had been given to Cronenberg it'd have been like this.

Private U (fr) wrote: Genuinely funny, although possibly not intentionally. What the hell are they laughing about at the end?

Becca W (jp) wrote: EWWWWW Rosie O'Donnell in leather!

Rinaldo H (it) wrote: Yojimbo is a fine example of archetypal ronin movie: a morally ambiguous sword expert with mysterious past comes to a messed up situation. The juxtaposition between manipulative Sanjuro and his foil, Unosuke is really engaging to watch. Kurosawa also masterfully delivered such a complex story of power play and trickeries in a very limited setting. The textural and tonal richness in this black and white masterpiece also add delight to this visual feast.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: Japanese cinema's master makes Japanese cinema's masterpieces, and Early Summer is one of them.

James B (ca) wrote: Almost as awesome as the first one "28 days later."

Aljorie S (it) wrote: Soo glad I only used my library card and not paid nooo money for this flick. It is very single woman sickly desperate to me! Not a recommended movie for a single woman in my view! It makes being a single woman seem like death and Paula Patton's (Robin Thicke's wife) obsession getting married scary to me. Too much self worth tied to pressure from her too many times married mom and engaged sis on being with & having a man. Very predictable on her falling for the guy she was childhood with while trying to use her flight attendant job to rekindle dead flames with ex - factors! Umm weren't these guys ex's for a reason seems to be a missing point with this thirsty ass ditzy bitch!If this had a digital copy I would not download it at all.

Becky B (gb) wrote: not as a good as the first one..

Jackson H (fr) wrote: To me I kinda liked it. It was a little bit funny and a little dumb.