• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Regn 1976 full movies, Regn torrents movie

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Regn torrent reviews

almas f (de) wrote: sweet,romantic and light comedy makes it a good watch.

Per M (au) wrote: Vad ska man sga...bara det faktum att dom 3 RYSKA super soldaterna ser ut som Hitlers syn p den ariska rasen. Blonda, 1.90 lnga och blgda + att dom skall verleva utan problem i Alaskas vildmark i 50r!! se inte detta skit inte ens om ni gillar Dominic!!

Marah R (ag) wrote: After Miley's strong performance in The Last Song, the expectation for her upcoming performances were quite high, and unfortunately, this one just doesn't cut it. It is actually worse than her role as Hannah Montana.

Nabil K (it) wrote: nice film , a little sad show the reality of the july in 2006

Jen H (ru) wrote: I love documentaries. I love the sections of this movie from what it tells about families dealing with children that have homosexual sexual orientations. The confusion and the anxiety of parents dealing with something no one is prepared for is incredibly lovely. The unconditional love and wisdom from most of these parents gives me so much hope. It sorrows me how unwilling Christians often are to confront and engage in meaningful dialogue. Yes, modern Christianity sucks, Christians don't know anything about their own religious text. It is an indictment against the failure of the Church to teach, and to ably apply texts beyond concepts. That being said, the interviews feel incredibly selective and unnatural. In selecting Gene Robinson and Desmond Tutu as well as every single liberal scholar from the past century, it just non-chalantly dismisses centuries of scholarly thought and just uses relatively new textual criticism that has only developed over the past century. It holds as much water as Pentecostal theology, and the selection of people that the documentary has chosen to interview is akin to a production from the History Channel. When the only conservative, voice is an African-American minister who still calls gay people "f---t", the naturalistic elements of the documentary is minimalized. For me, I'm not particularly represented by Gene Robinson, or the fanatic dick-heads of WBC, I feel kind of lost here by the dialectic they have falsely created. This is somewhat manifested in the cartoon segment in the middle which I found incredibly condescending.

Zachary L (au) wrote: Sweet, pretty, loving and simple.

Carmelo H (kr) wrote: La pelcula tiene un inicio soporfero, difcil de digerir y uno piensa que es una ms del montn, pero la segunda mitad es genial, con giros inesperados y un final hermoso. Vale la pena aguantar la primera mitad, lo aseguro.

Daren F (ru) wrote: I watched this film in my Contemporary French Cinema course and I was confused at the end of this film as to why we watched it because the film is utterly confusing and sadly not as good as some other films I have viewed in this class and other classes. However, the reason I came up with is that this film has powerful images that are either visually impressive and beautiful or they are hypnotizing in their disturbing imagery. The films plot seems to matter little to Assayas and may be why the plot is so convoluted and has so many left turns away from the plot line it was on and even further away from the character development it had done earlier. But Assayas does a fabulous job, as usual, of making a multinational film that goes at the idea of globalization and also has good camera work and cinematography. The only problem is that the film loses its appeal as it goes deeper into the story because by the end of the film I realized that these people have no sense of morality (which does not always cause problems for me but here it did) and that I simply did not care about them or the events of the film.

Jeff S (mx) wrote: Watched on TV, nothing great, but enjoyable. Didn't feel the need to change the channel.

Sean N (mx) wrote: A masterpiece that could only be made in the 80's

Andr T (kr) wrote: This movie should be viewed with respect, having read Ted Lawson's book. It tells things as they happened, including the melodramatic aspects. It was a remarkable adventure at a time when the US were far from being an air power yet.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: It was an amazing movie. I was drawn on from the begining.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: Its such an encouraging movie i can't remember the number of times i have watched it. Nice acting Ja Rule

Rose B (es) wrote: Plot was not interesting. Could not hold my attention. Disappointed.