Minnesota, 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner investigates the case of young Angela, who accuses her father, John Gray, of an unspeakable crime. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits guilt, renowned psychologist Dr. Raines is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery.

The movie follows detective Bruce Kenner as he investigates the case of John Gray who admits to sexually abusing his 17-year-old daughter, Angela, but has no recollection of it. Renowned psychologist Dr. Raines is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manu G (ru) wrote: It's not called a midget it's called a little person..Very good movie! The title says it all. This movie is all about the fun, no award buzz here, but I really liked it. The twists in the storyline are nice, and it was nice to see Slater dawn the Elvis sunglasses again. The films' chronological time-jumping is it's best asset. In that way, the film is actually put together quite well, and works. The ending will proof to you that it was thought through scene by scene and if you can oversee the bad ratings and watch it with an open mind you will love it. This story throws Elvis impersonators, Native Americans, a cowboy, a drop dead beautiful blond assassin, a frat boy, two corrupt sheriffs, the girl next door and a prostitute into a chase for a million dollar Native American artifact stolen during a poker game at a casino.

Guilherme J (au) wrote: Tem muito filme com menos de 2h que soa muito mais demorado que as intrigantes e excelentes 4h30 de Mistrios de Lisboa.

John M (fr) wrote: A heartbreaking coming of age tale, where a boy trying to secretly orchestrate his mentally ill mother's love life fails to avert tragedy.

Kisaan T (ag) wrote: This is one movie where I was both cheered and dissappointed.I was cheered because of the movie's straight forward and simple story.But I was disappointed in the climax, which is taken shamelessly from Troy.Also the Movie does not show the Interior Designs, Architecture and Actual culture in the times of the Mughal in India. I mean compare it with films like ' The LAst Emperor'? Can You?

Artur J (ag) wrote: Banalna historyjka z dobrym zako?czeniem. Czarny kole? w ma?ej irlandzkiej wiosce :)

Ian E (fr) wrote: Manipulates its target audience with exaggerated dialogue and tired stabs at humour. Has it all for the aimless teenage group.

Josh B (it) wrote: Isn't anyone going to SAY ANYTHING???

Avishek C (us) wrote: Cult classic ooooooh yeah!

Anthony J (mx) wrote: Aside from some creative special effects, this film is pretty dull and poorly acted even for an 80s horror film's standards. I could have sworn that was Shatner as Aylmer the creature. The creature came off best.

Sissa (it) wrote: I fell in love with this movie as a child, loveabe bumbling crooks, and cute as a button bridget. If your a chick and don't want to cry buckets at the end, I suggest sensativity training!

Paco R (gb) wrote: The DVD is grindhouse-tastic, it looks like it's being shown on an old scratched reel and the audio is rubbish, funnily enough this actually made T.N.T Jackson more enjoyable to watch, the movie is shit, no doubt about it, but it's shit in a way that makes you appreciate the fact that you've watched it. An absolutely irrelevant plot in a sub par kung fu flick with naked fighting sporting lines like, "You want it black, I'll give you black!" as Jeanne Bell strips to her birthday suit and turns the lights out so that the bad guys can't see her dark skin, priceless.An absolutely excellent ending where she punches through a man's stomach then "THE END" appears on screen followed credits.Awesome.

Aj V (es) wrote: Although it's called five, I cannot give it a 5. This apocalypse film is not only depressing, it's boring too. There's no music for the most part, the actors don't know what to do with themselves, nothing really happens, and it doesn't even end. At least it succeeds in depressing the audience.

Greg R (br) wrote: young Elizabeth Taylor was gorgeous...the rest of the movie has a few giggles but is nothing special

Phillip B (de) wrote: The Year is 1998 and a group of life long friends, and Star Wars fanboys,plan a trip from Ohio to Skywalker Ranch in California to brake in and steal a cut of Episode 1 before it hits theaters. Obviously if you are not a fan of Star Wars, or geek culture this movie isn't for you. If you are the kind of person that would not Freak out over Billy Dee Williams showing up in the middle of a movie, can point out the sound an Ewok makes, or be amused by a debate if Luke and Leia had a thing for one another, you won't get any mileage out of this. The entire cast just shines, especially the lead guys. If I had to pick just one I'd say Dan Fogler gave my favorite performance. He has one of the more serious tangents and just nails it. All the while phrasing it in a way that a fanboy would. Ya, it's kind of silly but it's so authentically written and delivered. All the cameos are brilliant, and they never feel forced. It seems like every 10 minutes someone pops up that just them being there and giving a damn about the role made me glow. It's filled to the brim with reference but once again it never feels forced. These are the kind of things these characters would say, and the conversations they would have. My only complaint with the films is that there are times of forced drama. Two of the guys use to be best friends,one of them drifted from the group(that's fine it happens) , and the other one has cancer and won't be around for when Episode 1 hits theaters. That part always makes we raise an eyebrow.This movie is near perfect and is a fantastic tribute to not just Star Wars, but fandom in general. (oh and it has the best closing line of all time.)

Dann M (ca) wrote: Play by Heart is a fairly entertaining and unconventional romantic comedy. The film follows several people throughout L.A., and the various kinds and stages of relationships that they're in. The cast is surprisingly good and includes Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillippe, Gillian Anderson, Madeleine Stowe, and Sean Connery. The story is well written for the most part and has some interesting things to say about people and relationships. However, it takes on a few too many characters and forces itself a bit. While it has some issues, Play by Heart is a unique and entertaining film that has a good message.

Sara S (ca) wrote: A great old school climbing movie filled with actors who are still making good movies. Makes me wanna climb. Or at least watch Cliffhanger..

Robert D (kr) wrote: Not the greatest film that Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn ever made. But amusing for those who observe the influence on beauty of the natural process of aging, and what the figure of Meryl Streep will do to turn back the clock.

Aael G (kr) wrote: It is all stupid to do

Wesley M (jp) wrote: terrible movie with unfunny characters, ridiculous plot, stupid dialoge, and its a unnecessary sequel.