Two men in their 60s meet for the first time and discuss their respective sex changes, and subsequent reversals.

Two men in their 60s meet for the first time and discuss their respective sex changes, and subsequent reversals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Regretters torrent reviews

Greg W (de) wrote: fun sexy comedy where rio is also a character.

paul s (br) wrote: the critics were right this film is awful!

Pascal S (jp) wrote: Big shit!!! just for the girls...

Stephen C (nl) wrote: Could have been great, but sadly took itself a bit too serious with some ham fisted attempts at high school culture.

Geoffrey T (fr) wrote: This was really great actually. A film about quirky, altruistic people trying to do the right thing with the wrong methods. And ultimately, it's very realistic, poignant, and audacious. It's a shame this movie didn't get a wider audience, because people would surely be enamored with it's pervasive charm.

Bengel W (br) wrote: If you like rap music and dance then this is for you. Actors are fine and the general feel of the movie is hot and hip. The story is formatted yet comes across well due to the director who teases out the passion and smooth feel that is needed to get the story stirring within the dance moves, which look as if many hours of work were done to get this fine result. Nibbles: Gumbo

Fabio L (ag) wrote: It's not the film you see that often and it has a powerful message for American people.

Stephanie W (nl) wrote: William Hurt stars as a bilingual Russian police detective who is trying to uncover the secret to speaking English without a Russian accent. As his english vocabulary increases, his speech seems to alternate impressively from one which yet has a glimmer of russian texture, to perfect russian proof english. There are times when you'd scarcely believe he had ever spoken russian to begin with! This is however short lived. We are rooting for Detective Renko to discover the truth of accentless english, and through the many twists and turns in his adventure with language skill development, we almost see his accent vanish altogether. Sadly, he ultimately loses his linguistic battle and we find ourselves just as aggravated as Renko, as he still..has a slight accent. Not all is lost, there is hope, while we are left with the impression that many of his comrades are also learning english, and are escaping the confines of their soviet prison where everyone speaks with permanent russian accents (if they speak english at all!). We try not to think too hard about those poor's sad.

Private U (fr) wrote: I hope this movie is 102 minutes of Robert Shaw kicking the shit out of people. That would be a massively awesome movie.