Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire

In post-apocalyptic England, an American volunteer and a British survivor team up to fight off a brood of fire-breathing dragons seeking to return to global dominance after centuries of rest underground. The Brit -- leading a clan of survivors to hunt down the King of the Dragons -- has much at stake: His mother was killed by a dragon, but his love is still alive.

Set in a post-apocalyptic England in the year 2020; twenty years after London tunneling project workers inadvertently reawake dragons from centuries of slumber. The dragons then begin setting everything ablaze, establishing dominance over the planet. With the fate of mankind at stake, two surviving parties find that they must work together to hunt down and destroy the beasts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam A (ca) wrote: rules. really funny.

Esteban Maximiliano C (it) wrote: its not perfect, but it has some good moments that are enjoyable. shane really shows that he can be a good writer and director as well as a pretty decent actor.

Joel H (ag) wrote: The Saratov Approach does a good job of presenting this true story in a realistic manner without embellishing too much for the big screen. There are moments of genuine suspense in this movie, but it also crosses the cheesy line a few times. The acting is well done, even if the two main actors look closer to 30 years old than 20 years old. This is probably the best LDS film in years.

Valeria P (gb) wrote: Loved the modern fairy tale style with dashes of self-deprecating humor, but it didn't reach the lyricism of Ms. Satrapi's previous work.

Tyler D (ca) wrote: Jay Baruchel surprisingly delivers in a role far different than his usual weak and awkward characters. Randy Quaid proves that he should be getting as many roles as his brother.

Shruti K (br) wrote: It's an amazing movie. Enjoyed every part of it. It show's that winning is no important, no matter where you from, people are not that bad and a life is more valuable than any great height.

Kitty W (ag) wrote: Read the book and absolutely loved it! When I found out that it was also made into a movie, I was so ecstatic to watch it. But like some books-turned-movie, it was actually horrible.

Lorelai H (gb) wrote: this is not a comedy or something worth to watch, what a slut house!

Marco Andr F (es) wrote: Muito Bom! Um filme sobre filmes antigos.

Marcie F (ag) wrote: funny yet cute movie

Lee P (us) wrote: So bad it's good. Paul Le Mat stars as a biker, who after a head injury in Vietnam, has visions and roams the country with his biker gang "The BourneLosers" on a mission to fight the evil, and find a great tasting light beer.The ultimate evil being the "She Wolf", a girl raised by wolves who with her gang, steals babies, selling the males for money, and keeping the girls to be raised by the wolves into an army of man-hating warriors.Originally intended as an unblinking exploitation flick, it was written by Sam Raimi (billed as "Celia Abrams") as it was mutated into the bizarre (and somewhat unintentional) comedy it became.Good luck finding a copy.

Robert C (ca) wrote: Just rewatched this. What could have been a pretty amazing film, falls a bit flat due to some bad editing. But I still love it to spite all of it's flaws.

Jessica R (ag) wrote: I enjoyed the combo of Carter & Elwes. Movie was too long.

Renee L (ca) wrote: This is a beautifully filmed, religiously faithful retelling of the story of St. Francis and St. Clare, who walked away from wealth and status and made such great sacrifices for the love of Christ. It is very "flower child," which is appropriate for the time period, and there are some great wacky costumes. Donovan sings some of St, Francis's canticles.

David M (kr) wrote: Jason Bourne-style character but female and young. Great movie!!

Walter M (fr) wrote: As if things were not bad enough for Seattle what with the Supersonics moving to Oklahoma, the last Super Bowl and finding out that they are seriously overdue for a huge earthquake, The Beast(Craig Robinson) chooses the city for his residence following the rapture. In the meantime, Lindsey(Anna Kendrick) and her boyfriend Ben(John Francis Daley) try to make the best of a truly horrendous situation by opening their own sandwich business. Which promptly gets flattened by a flaming piece of rock. That leads to some drastic measures on their part...With the exception of a couple of neat moments like a defense of "The Chronicles of Riddick" and confirming that the 1997 Denver Broncos were evil, thus proving once and for all that John Elway is the Blond Prince of Darkness(Disclosure: the writer is a sad, bitter Cleveland Browns fan), there is really nothing positive to say about "Rapture-Palooza" which wastes both an excellent title and a situation with definite potential. And just because a movie has a very low budget like here, it does not preclude it from actually trying. In any case, Anna Kendrick just looks very annoyed and can you blame her?

Amanda M (ag) wrote: In terms of action, adventure and cinematography it does step it up but the first one hit the balance so well that it's hard to step it up without leaning to one side of the scale. It's still a good time because of the bromance that is Lawney and also visually, it looks really good. But if you want something closer to the target in terms of a Sherlockian, Victorian London adventure you should check out the first