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Reincarnation torrent reviews

Salley G (kr) wrote: I really liked this movie. Definitely hits the spot for people who grew up in the 70's. Great music, too--lovely version of "Up on the Roof" at the end. (Found it on iTunes to listen again...)

Jesse O (ag) wrote: This film reminds me of another french flick called Point Blank, a film that I absolutely raved about here, in that its pacing is off the charts. Once the film gets going, it really doesn't stop. It's a frenetic film, that's for sure. The plot is simple and easy to follow and the action is in your face. The film benefits from a committed performance by Tomer Sisley who does a great job at getting over the desperation to save his son and also selling the absolute exhaustion after everything he's gone through. Sometimes the film can have a jarring effect and perhaps it was intentional but in some ways it was sometimes hard to get back into the film because of it. Still the film is exciting and thrilling to watch. This is a fun action thriller, easy to digest, but still fun.

Brad W (nl) wrote: The background plot of the film was very good using Katrina and how people reacted in New Orleans post, but everything else blew. Val Kilmer is just a fat slob and for some reason spoke like a cowboy. 50 Vent was pretty decent and not a douche like when he raps.

Peter M (nl) wrote: Not funny. Not a spoof. Just another teen movie, but stupid and a real dumb idea for a film

William M (us) wrote: Anyone who is part of a family should see this film. It's amazing the amount of time we spend with people we hardly know at all, all because we dont' want things to fall apart. 51 Birch Street is something my friend Mimi Roweder (Sociology professor) would like. The film centers around (though we hardly ever see onscreen) Doug Block, who starts trying to find out more about his father's past life after his mother dies, and he finds out a lot about both of his parents. What makes 51 Birch Street succeed is these people are so realistic and so releateable you feel as if you're either one of them or have one of them in your family and it's so easy to get lost in their lives and wonder what is going to happen next. The film also goes to show that time is irrelevent. This was a family of the 50s but many of the internal struggles they dealt with are still relative today. 51 Birch Street is more than an interesting character portrayal. It is, for most Americans, their way of life. I watched this with my mom and dad and the whole time my dad was acting uncomfortable. I wonder why....

MF J (gb) wrote: Altman tells the story of this man surrounded by female & going a little crazy after his life falls apart. It's well done of course, brilliantly directed & the cast is quite wonderful. Good film.

Josh X H (au) wrote: Myeh... Great cast, funny, twists. All the things that make a Coen film great, but this one doesn't pull it off. I would throw it all away for CZJ though, just saying.

alex f (ca) wrote: was a slow start and it really didnt pick up the pace it wanted. caan is always great when he is pissed off but it cant carry the whole way... also the alien partner never decides who he really is... district 9 is a lot more worth the time.

Emily R (de) wrote: still one of the best disney movies and best acted too.

Matt L (jp) wrote: Gripping, disturbing, intriguing, written and acted in a perfect way... "Hard Candy" is a great thriller film.

Matthew B (gb) wrote: I never thought a remake would be on the same level of greatness and get's that same uncomfortable feeling as the original, both of those films should hold up today and that's the best thing ever.The story to Nosferatu the Vampyre are main character Jonathan Harker who get's sent to Count Dracula, who is looking to buy a house in Varna. Upon seeing a photo of Lucy, Jonathan's wife, he makes the trip - with death following in his footsteps.Remakes to me can turn out in many different way's if you look at it's history of films. There are remakes that are known has classic and way better than the original and it's films like: John Carpenter's The Thing and the 1986 film The Fly that's been kept in everybody's hearts has one of the greats. But when there's good there's always bad and boy do we have some unspeakably bad remakes out there like..well every remake that ever came out around the late 90's or the early 2000's. Remakes seem to everywhere now if it's horror, Sci-Fi, action or drama you can't escape of what I like to call it The Curse of the Remade.But Nosferatu the Vampyre ( Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht ) in my opinion is the best remake I've seen since The Fly and here's why.The movie's atmosphere and it's slow build up suspense is the top key things that made this movie kind of chilling at times and really glued me to the big screen with those two supporting the film. That's what makes a great horror movie, no stupid and annoying jump scars, no mindless blood and gore, just a creepy setting and the atmosphere around the movie really hold up the film Has I already said before.Klaus Kinski who played Nosferatu did probably did one of the best performance in this movie. He got the character so perfectly well that it's like the actor is doing a small little tribute to Max Schreck original role in the 1922 film, and a awesome tribute it was.Now for problems: ....Overall Nosferatu has brilliant directing, the acting from everyone was great, the cinematography was some of the best I've seen and the sets & designs was just perfect in this movie.