The world has changed beyond recognition. Just yesterday the bustling streets are now deserted and quiet. All around are left in a hurry vehicles, convoys of military equipment, few people move in fear without end. The sky is becoming more green. In search of answers Andrey Luptsov begins a journey with his neighbor Ivan. But where to go when the world is increasingly alien and incomprehensible? Along the way, he finds an unconscious ballerina Andriy Bella, taking care of her, coming to her forgetting about what is going on around them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Ukrainian,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rejection 2009 full movies, Rejection torrents movie

The world has changed beyond recognition. Just yesterday the bustling streets are now deserted and quiet. All around are left in a hurry vehicles, convoys of military equipment, few people ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher R (fr) wrote: If you can , go see this!

Sam B (it) wrote: I never thought I'd say this, but while watching this film I actually missed Werner Herzog's usual grand pretentiousness. "Happy People" is a very interesting look at a culture so distant from (but in some ways shockingly similar to) our own, but a lot of life in the Taiga is slow, uneventful business, and that is definitely reflected in the film. It may be worth seeing if you want a peek into a different way of life, but unlike Herzog's previous films, it doesn't explore the underlying human themes nearly as much as it could have(or in my opinion should have).

Natalie O (es) wrote: I feel that there could have been more to this film. Maybe it was the laclustre acting or that the story was a bit too simple. It was set in a beautiful part of Norway though, which probably worked against the film

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Burn After Reading has the old Coen Brothers feel to it immediately, and it's a fun ride from there. The movie is short and over before you know it, but it is a nice little dark comedy with interesting characters and a ridiculously funny plot.

Tya B (ag) wrote: a great movie. fulll of well dance. everyone should see it. its wonderful

Bob S (jp) wrote: This was a great movie. I hadn't really heard much about it until I watched, and I'm glad I did. It mostly takes place in an orphanage where a mother is searching for her lost child, Simon, with the help of passive aggressive ghosts. Since most of the movie takes place in the orphanage, there is a very claustrophobic feeling the whole time you are watching, which just adds to the terror. It doesn't rely on blood and gore for scares, but leaves a lot of it up to your imagination, seeing how the ghosts are invisible to the audience. One particular part involves a medium named Aurora waking into the room where the dead children, now ghosts, used to sleep. She screams about how they look so sick, but the children are never shown. The watcher is only left to imagine what they must look like. Similar to many horror movies, very few people believe Laura, the mother, when she claims to have seen and heard ghosts. You can feel her frustration when her husband leaves her, and her terror as she wonders the orphanage alone in search of Simon. Though the setup of a haunted house has been used in many movies, The Orphanage will keep you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns. The ending is also very well done, and also may bring a tear to your eye. All in all, The Orphanage is a great movie, well worth your time.

Orhan D (kr) wrote: Jean Claude Van-Damme; my favorite kickboxer..

Amanda L (ag) wrote: Fantastic!Totally love this film!

Loraine D (us) wrote: some people feel love really is a drug

michelle m (es) wrote: Awesome! This world needs to do more of the pay it forward idea!!

Sorrel (br) wrote: possibly, but horror movie sequals usualy start sucking

Mack E (kr) wrote: This movie sucks, but the alternate plot we invented for it about the illiterate noodle salesman and the lead singer of Icehouse is fucking awesome.

Reece L (es) wrote: A solid drama with a few glimpses of Anderson's signature style.

David S (gb) wrote: I'm guessing I'm not alone in not REALLY knowing who Jimmy Hoffa was. I mean, all I really know him for is that nobody knows what ever happened to his body. The old where-is-Jimmy-Hoffa-buried tidbit. Equally, I did not know this movie existed, even when starring the legendary Jack Nicholson. The Danny DeVito directed autobiography taught me who Jimmy Hoffa was. And now, I can proudly stand up and say that I know the REAL story of Hoffa, regardless of what ever happened to his corpse. In regards to the movie, a mediocre middle is nicely bookended by a good beginning and a great, and surprising, end. It's not a gem, but it's definitely a worthy watch.

Alec B (it) wrote: The direction is remarkably assured for it being Mamet's first effort, he uses empty space really well and there is a distinct style that recalls noir but it never becomes overbearing. As for the screenplay and the way he directs actors . . . well its very much a question of taste. I think that when he writes and directs his own material it works great, but it isn't something I'd want everyone to indulge in.

Chris G (us) wrote: Sword and action melodrama. Some of the fight action can make you dizzy!

Nathan S (gb) wrote: worst movie of all time