Relaciones casi públicas

Relaciones casi públicas


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Clint C (es) wrote: The trailer alone was amazing. Waited what seemed like forever to see it in the theater and expected to be disappointed, I was not in the slightest. Since the Blu-ray came in I've watched it 3 more time. Highly recommend this film!

intuciic (ru) wrote: sweet movie!little bit disfunctional, but very nice and teaching movie!

AJ G (kr) wrote: This film is great, I can't stop watching

lex V (mx) wrote: Aunque al principio parece un documental muy acad (C)mico, las reflexiones finales sobre la evolucin de la ciudad, Manchester, y el impulso que Joy Division, Factory, The Haienda y la escena musical le dieron a una ciudad en decadencia son quiz de las ms bellas que se han hecho nunca.

Dulkarnaen B (es) wrote: Awesome animation,the story-line are not too shabby....A good anime movie...I enjoy this movie very much actually...All the character's that from the video game itself fits perfectly in this movie...They even show their well-known move set like Terry's Power Wave and Power Geyser and even Kim's Phoenix Flail in the movie...This movie is awesome...Fighting scenes are actually quite enjoyable...And fun to watch to see the video game character come to live...Can't wait to watch the sequel! ^-^

Pit B (ru) wrote: one of my all time favorite films !

Steven J (ca) wrote: A good cast, great cinematography and good music can't elvate Broken City, whose story is both thin and dumb. It is still midly entertaining but nothing special.

SteL P (us) wrote: Who gave money to make this movie ? Terrible writing, poor editing, amateurish directing. Completly pointless.

Thomas S (it) wrote: Man this movie is what other western wish they were. There is a classic that all others are judged on