Relampago torrent reviews

Simon H (ca) wrote: It was interesting. A little long but still enjoyable

Joshua B (es) wrote: Miike is back with this blood-soaked, darkly comic, insane movie that may very well be his masterpiece of gonzo cinema. This will definitely be difficult to watch for a lot of people, but with it's wink-and-a-nod constantly reminding you not to take it too seriously and that it's only a movie, those horror/slasher/Miike fans who make it through should really enjoy it.

Jim S (au) wrote: Nice to see this straighforward Scottish thriller, with the scarily sexy Keeley Hawes. Jonny Lee Miller is just too, too young looking... somehow I think the characters ought to be in their mid 30s. Plot is more central here than in the book, so it is a fairly rapid paced film and perhaps a little confusing, but hard to tell for someone who has read the book first.

kria m (ca) wrote: I thought Bojana was her sister at first. Lol. I didn't feel the grief that much.I mean ...yeah my fault.

Cameron F (nl) wrote: Recently retired and widowed, a Midwestern man takes his rv cross country to visit his estranged daughter who is getting married. Kathy Bates gives a movie saving performance in a film which borrows origins from other mid life late life self seeking road trip movies that have more ambition than Schmitt himself portrays.

Kevin M (us) wrote: A good, funny movie, but is upsetting to see the old cast grown up and the old humor mostly gone.

David T (it) wrote: Great in the worst way. This is one of Troma's greatest achievements. Not only one of my favorite Troma films, but a new favorite cult film as well.

Daniel T (br) wrote: Spike Lee undoubtably has talent, or he did at one point. Regardless of what his reputation as a filmmaker and human being is today, he can, when he wants to, be a man of peace and love and a great filmmaker. In this film, Lee touches on all the things racism leads to: violence, anger, resentment, and suffering. Blacks aren't the only victims of racism; we all are. The film is at times lighthearted and at times deeply serious; it's the love and hate relationship described on Radio's rings. This film is more than just it's story; it's life.

Duncan P (kr) wrote: Strange amongst the Asterix films for being the most musical, whereas most of the others contained no song sequences at all. Still, it was better than "Asterix the Gaul" was, at least, and had a couple of good gags and jokes in it. Again though, it's showing its age a bit. I am quite happy that it included some of the meta-elements of the books though; those sometimes tended to get neglected in the films.

Roy P (de) wrote: With three of four of De Sica's films now being above a 9 for me (and Bicycle Thief being on my Top 5 films I've ever seen), I guess it's time to start branching out even more to his filmography. If you can find this, I highly recommend watching it. Just as powerful as De Sica's other works - and that's saying a lot.

Jessica G (kr) wrote: SNORE!!!Slow and boring, nothing happens.Didn't care about any of the characters.

Connor G (us) wrote: Fine, but not particularly memorable.