Relatório de Um Homem Casado

Relatório de Um Homem Casado

Carlos, a married lawyer, gets involved with one of his clients. But the relationship turns into an obsession. The woman understands she'll never manage to separate Carlos from his wife, ...

Carlos, a married lawyer, gets involved with one of his clients. But the relationship turns into an obsession. The woman understands she'll never manage to separate Carlos from his wife, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody L (gb) wrote: Cute movie, good chemistry between the two leads.

Steve S (nl) wrote: ** (out of fur) Souless characters mixed with predicatble results sinks this mostly dull, occasionally interesting film that tries to say something, ultimately says nothing. A teenager at a private school is unable to pay for his tuition and is about to get kicked out. He has a one night stand with an older woman who then gives him money to help him out. Soon all her girlfriends are interested in getting themselves a young lover and are willing to offer some money. The characters are so contrived and unbelievable that they never seem real.

Sonya T (br) wrote: I just watched this recently, this guy was twisted!!!

Frank N (jp) wrote: Gripping thriller with a wonderful lead by Mortimer.

Raffy John M (it) wrote: Great film! The game was extreme and lovely., The actors were as great as the story and the scenes as exaggerated as they presented, it looks really nice and wonderful.,

Vince J (gb) wrote: an excellent movie done in a single room with only 3 actors witty dialogue and very fast fight

Brandon K (ag) wrote: could have used a better plot but some good action!

Corey P (fr) wrote: Not Soderbergh's best, but has many elements of why I love the guys work. Many memorable scenes, some not so memorable.

victoria p (kr) wrote: Speed 2: Cruise Control begins with a humorous reference to its prequel, as Annie (Sandra Bullock) recklessly speeds through busy streets while filling in the audience as to what happened to her former love interest, Jack. This comedic entrance by Sandra Bullock leaves views laughing at the frightened expression on her passenger's face. We see a man on a motorcycle struggle to catch up to a truck, and it's not hard to guess that the male protagonist is on the daredevil motorcyclist. Later, in the movie, as the couple boards a crew, we see a realistic boat scene, with beautiful details all around. It makes the entire movie come alive, until one of the actors says their line. The sub-par acting left the audience unable to focus on the fantastic special effects and the amazing details of each scene. The plot dragged along, leaving viewers dozing off during the multiple irrelevant scenes we've seen several times before. In the end, Speed 2: Cruise Control has deceived us into believing it was a thriller, while in reality it was nothing more than a travesty.

Lee M (mx) wrote: `Criminal Law" is a textbook example of a movie going wrong before our very eyes, because of the curious failure of the filmmakers to realize that you can toy with an audience only so long before the audience grows resentful.

Sophie B (us) wrote: I like the original story and if it were done in a more serious and dramatic way (with a fair amount of light-heartedness) this could have been a briliant film. It was simply too weird for my liking although it was made very well. Good acting.

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Alyan H (fr) wrote: a decent remake with a revamped image

Carole T (ca) wrote: I'm sorry but I just don't get the hype. I was bored throughout and couldn't wait for it to end...I would give it zero stars if I could.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Entertaining.. Not worth buying