Religion, Inc.

Religion, Inc.

While watching TV, ex-adman Morris Codman receives a message from God. Advised by the Almighty to go into business for himself, Codman inaugurates his own religion, founded on a philosophy of selfishness.

While watching TV, ex-adman Morris Codman receives a message from God. Advised by the Almighty to go into business for himself, Codman inaugurates his own religion, founded on a philosophy of selfishness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M T (br) wrote: Everyone should see this movie. It tells a little known part of history, some of which persists to this day.

Becky T (gb) wrote: Cute Romantic Christmas movie, that was enjoyable and left the warm fuzzies.

Andrew C (nl) wrote: It took a little bit of will power just to make it through this travesty. It's like somebody wanted to do a movie based on Elvis Presley's life, but couldn't get the rights or the family's approval; so in order get around those pesky road blocks, they just changed a few details like the identical twin thing and of course the names and apparently the styles. What we ended up with was a generic Elvis impersonation that just got worse as the movie went on and his appearance became laughable and quite Halloween-y.A couple of questions came to mind during the movie.1. When the birth parents were symbolically burying the baby they lost and told people he died, why did nobody wonder how they managed to fit a baby into the small box they were burying? I know a baby is small, but not THAT small.2. If you one day heard YOUR voice on a record and saw YOUR face on the cover, how could you not freak out and have questions for the people who raised you?After having watched this, it made me want someone w/ talent to do a proper Elvis movie.

Garwin S (ru) wrote: Third time lucky. NOT! Tried to see "Headhunters" but was unsuccessful for the third time. The first time we tried to see it, it was sold out so we ended up seeing the mediocre Le Fils a Jo instead. In the second attempt, my mate mistakenly bought tickets to The Hunger Games. The trouble with arthouse cinemas is that they're understaffed; and this cineplex didn't have signs outside the cinemas saying what movie was being shown. On this third attempt, not only was I in the wrong cinema, but the projectionist programmed in the wrong movie. Patrons started catcalling as soon as Marilyn Monroe appeared on the screen. The manager came in and apologised and told us the correct movie would be shown shortly. It turned out to be this one. Still, it was engrossing enough to sit through it and be overawed by a truly brilliant movie.

Jeffrey M (fr) wrote: A great visual style, as you would expect from Roland Joffe(TM), but it ultimately lacks the narrative power of his better works, notably The Killing Fields. The production values and overall world building of civil war torn Spain was excellent, but the more modern storyline, to which the film often flashbacks to, was less convincing (especially the ~aged(TM) Wes Bentley), and often undermined the more compelling earlier story. I also felt the themes were a bit heavy handed, a symptom of an unpolished script, one that also features some stilted dialogue. Olga Kurlenko, for her part, was amazing, and was certainly the most compelling character of this historical epic. At the end, you have a lot of great set pieces and some good story elements, making it watchable, but certainly not without some problems.3/5 Stars

Mireille D (it) wrote: Babine, ou l'importance des symboles

Shawn M (kr) wrote: Expected less...just needed better stories...had potential to shed light on hidden side of Hollywood a la Kid Stays in the Picture, but failed to do so...bland...

Andy L (ru) wrote: I got to see Ronald Bronstein do a Q&A after seeing this movie: very interesting guy. This movie is extremely good at what it does; that is, frustrating and exasperating the audience to the point that you can feel the insecurity of the main character. Though it's not always the most entertaining film, it captures raw, gritty emotion better than any movie I've seen in a very long time.

Michael M (br) wrote: An amazing documentary that really needs to be seen by all.

Martin S (de) wrote: Would have worked well as a 5 min short since the story is basically about killing zombies, but a good achievement considering its made by one person.

Jim S (br) wrote: THIS IS A REBOOT OF A REVIEW I WROTE BACK IN 2007Let's be honest right up front, I'm not a fan of this movie. Not that it's a bad movie, not at all. Some might say it's a good movie, but it can't be called a great movie, although that's what it seems to strive to be.And take is long, almost two and one half hours long. And those two and one half hours take what seems like 3 days to play out. Some heavy duty snipping was required in the editing room the day this baby was put to bed.My biggest problem with this motion picture is the screenplay, which lays out a multitude of genres and asks the viewer to go ahead and pick one...or two or three if you're going for the daily combo special. There's a little bit of political thriller mixed in with a whole lot of war drama and action-adventure. It offers up a plate of melodrama along with some threads of a buddy film. And to top it off, there's some sweet romance for desert.The films backdrop is 1999 Sierra Leone, where a brutal civil war is raging and innocent children are forced into battle and grown men are forced to dig for diamonds to fuel the coffers of the rebel forces that are using the "Blood Diamonds" to pay for their black market arms and artillery.Now, let's see if I can explain the plot in one paragraph; a rogue diamond smuggler (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), is caught smuggling diamonds out of the country and is sent to jail. There he over hears two other prisoners talking of a lost pink diamond the size of a birds egg. One of the prisoners he overhears (played by Djimon Hounsou), is searching for his family, who were captured by the rebels. Umm...I'm running out of time here...Leo get out of prison and also arranges that Djimon is released as well. Leo tells Djimon that he now owes him a favor and basically extorts him into taking him to where the pink diamond is buried. Meanwhile, Leo meets a hot American journalist (played by Jennifer Connelly), and they...of course...develop a love hate relationship. Oh...wait...did I mention that Djimon's son has been taken by the rebels and converted into a 9 year old killing machine...nasty. Phew...that's all I feel I'm at liberty to say at this time.There are several things that I did like about this movie. The cinematographer is fantastic and it looks damn fine playing on an HD LCD flat screen. Djimon Hounsou gives a heartfelt performance as the shattered man desperate to reunite his family. And the visual effects are terrific.Now, the things I didn't like...sorry...this is like a shopping list...well, the aforementioned screenplay; the freaking length of the film; Jennifer Connelly (although I'm thinking her boobs put in an award winning performance), and the completely contrived ending which had me yelling out "NO, NO, NO".Now, let's talk about the big fish of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of the smooth talking, hard edge South African Danny Archer and, even though it's not nearly the same caliber of performance he gave in The Departed, I think I know why he was nominated. This performance is flashy, with a fancy accent and lots of he-man, hard hitting action...the type of high octane performance that Hollywood seems to love. However, I kept feeling that I was watching Leonardo DiCaprio on screen, putting on an accent and getting all macho. I didn't feel that he got under Danny Archers skin like he did with the role of Billy Costigan in The Departed. I feel that Billy was far more deserving of the Oscar nod than Danny.That being said, DiCaprio has become one of the finest young actors of the 21st Century and he's consistently pulled off role after role in the past few years.Can't wait to see what he gets up to next.

Rory C (ag) wrote: I don't care what anyone says this is the best sequel in the sleepaway camp franchise and the twist at the end isn't quite up to par with the first one but still is a suprise

Kevin B (jp) wrote: Classic Classic Classic

Josh N (kr) wrote: I don't see why it was so controversial. I see why it's regarded as a classic though

Eduardo C (jp) wrote: Jim Carrey no comeo! Muito bom!!!