Bill Maher's take on the current state of world religion.

Bill Maher's take on the current state of world religion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Religulous torrent reviews

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Indra W (fr) wrote: Hot one. But I think Matthew Goode is too sweet for the role.

Julia A (fr) wrote: Not half bad for a follow up movie.

David B (gb) wrote: Quirky and engaging coming of age story with great performances all around and a great soundtrack as well.

Uwe H (it) wrote: The kind of intimate drama that stops you in your tracks and leaves you marveling at the magnificence of the human soul. The performances are impeccable, I'm amazed how they were able to pull off this ensemble of 4-year olds. The most impressing movie I've seen all year. It's on Netflix Instant. Watch it.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Many famous Hollywood musicals were started with this archetypal backstage musical; songs hits included "You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me" and "Shuffle Off to Buffalo," and great choreography by Busby Berkeley. A must-see.

Katy W (ca) wrote: Lorraine is practically fearless and finally kicks some ass in the end.

Jesse K (mx) wrote: A highly engaging thriller with plenty to offer. Good intense stuff.

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