Remarkable Power

Remarkable Power

A late night talk show host masterminds an elaborate scheme to save his canceled show and avenge his wife's affair, entangling an eclectic collection of tinsel towners in the process.

A late night talk show host masterminds an elaborate scheme to save his canceled show and avenge his wife's affair, entangling an eclectic collection of tinsel towners in the process. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary M (it) wrote: It was okay but i feel it could of been better.

Don S (nl) wrote: Another mockumentary of "found footage" b.s. This one is supposedly about the exorcism of a young lady named Anneliese Michel in Germany. There basically are no effects in this: some eye-black around her eyes, furniture moving by itself, and lots of demonic grunts and talk in German. You know it's real because the director tells you at the beginning, and some of the "footage" is shot in black and white (because we all know color film wasn't around in the mid 70's right?). The best part is when you watch a black screen and listen to minute after minute of audiotapes of the possession in progress, all in German of course - with no subtitles so you don't have a clue what is being said (your mother sews socks that smell!). Garbage.

Amara S (fr) wrote: Chak De is a great movie and even surprised to know that it has cracked my mains exam for UPSC as well. I had joined Climb First for UPSC preparation and I met Mr. Mukund there who has cleared his examination. He advised me to prepare strategy plan as per Chak De movie. At Climb first, Mukund advised me that to crack upsc mains, 11 things are very important, same like 11 members in a team. 1. General Studies " Prelim, 2. GA " Prelim, 3. English " Mains (Qualifying), 4. Indian Language " Mains, 5. Essay, 6. General Studies " 1, 7. General Studies " 2, 8. Optional Subjects " History 1, 9. Optional Subjects " History 2, 10. Optional Subjects " Political Science -1, 11. Optional Subjects " Political Science " 2. These are the 11 things. If we can coordinate and club all these 11, then we can make it as a team and can hit the goal. I really appreciate Mukund whom I met at Climb First to give these tips I applied and cleared my Mains in 2011 Civil Services. Somehow I couldn(TM)t clear my Interview in 2011 because my grandmom expired 3 days before my interview and unfortunately I couldn(TM)t read the newspaper 3 days prior to my interview. The panel has discussed half of the times about current issues. But in 2012 I(TM)m quite sure I will place my name in Final list.

Dark L (kr) wrote: Funny, action-packed, while remaining true to theme. Wonderful editting and acting all around.

CJ T (au) wrote: The third installment of the Species series falls flat. The changes it makes to the story destroy the original feel, and it even goes so far as to mock the first two films. It's filled with plot holes, suffers from mediocre acting, and seems to be filled with a lot of ideas, that were never developed.It plays like the mental wanderings of a young adolescent more than as a competent film.

Dyron W (jp) wrote: Dreadful and unappealing as its characters.

Brooke B (au) wrote: I have to watch it first.

Matthew C (jp) wrote: Human mountain Clint Walker stars in this interesting character study of an ex-killer turned good, haunted by his past. You can easily draw a lot of story and character parallels with Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, and Walker is excellent in the starring role. There are also some great supporting players, including the always good Vincent Price as a traveling showman. The story structure is interesting, with some major events taking place off screen, and several major time jumps. And it's surprisingly violent. It looks like a western from the late 50s, but it's actually late 60s, and they were testing some new boundaries of violence and general content. A couple of the deaths are downright brutal. A solid film.

vittorio c (es) wrote: Tony Randall steals the show here, and camp queen Jayne Mansfield is a bit annoying (she's used to better effect in "The Girl Can't Help It," but this is still a classy, first class comedy.

Shawn W (br) wrote: A brazen thief and con artist steals a policeman's badge and impersonates a cop in Miami, which lends itself to some reasonably funny moments. Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh are pretty good here.

Sam M (gb) wrote: Easily the most underrated film in all of Star Trek, Insurrection is lighter than it's predecessor but has enough great drama and action to make it incredible.

Giovanni M (kr) wrote: A reminder of how great teen comedies can be, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is a funny, beautifully shot, and clever addition to the rom-com genre while the actual playlist is nearly better than the film.