Remember the Night

Remember the Night

An assistant D.A. takes a shoplifter home with him for Christmas.

Just before Christmas, Lee Leander is caught shoplifting. It is her third offense. She is prosecuted by John Sargent. He postpones the trial because it is hard to get a conviction at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clay M (us) wrote: Not what I was expecting for this legendary film makers swan song, but the animation is beautiful. The story is more directed towards adults and has some graphic imagery, however I found myself bored quite a few times throughout the movie with the constant discussion of planes, good message though at the end.

Steve H (jp) wrote: very boring , u knew near enuff at beginning who it was gona be , like watching THE BILL

Kyle E (es) wrote: By now you should very well know, one of my life goals is to watch every Steven Seagal movie, no matter how good or bad it is. In my opinion, there are no bad Steven Seagal movies. I mean, hell, even the bad one's have insane comic value. And if comic value is what your looking for, look no further then "Flight of Fury". This movie is so utterly dreadful that I swear half of it was filmed with spliced in stock footage. At one point, I believe the "stealth bomber" that is shown flying is a cardboard cut out (you know, noticeable, not cool in a Star Wars kind of way). Also, there's some even more preposterous moments, such as the legitimization of wiping minds, and the fact that this "stealth bomber" can outright vanish and cloak itself (look if we were that far with technology, we'd be winning every war). Not to mention the fact that someone decided it would be a good idea to hide Seagal's pony-tail in his shirt so he looks more "army - like". The only thing that brought this movie down was the fact that Seagal never uses his famous wrist snapping move. Still, for a Seagal movie, it's got enough awfulness to warrant a watch. It's currently on Netflix, so you can check it out there. Just don't go in expecting anything serious.

Lau H (jp) wrote: This is a fantastic and fun movie. With awesome storyline, brilliant actor and an incredibly detailed magical world, this is a movie that worth watching again and again. One of my favourite fantasy movie to date.

Maria V (jp) wrote: loved christmas movies

Frank S (ru) wrote: A relatively unknown, but classic Dana Carvey comedy that's worth watching if you're bored over the weekend and have a good VHS player.

Laurie A (ru) wrote: This story has been done better.

Jayamadhava D (gb) wrote: Despite more fiction then fact,,An Amazing RARE film

Tom M (kr) wrote: No where near as sharp or penetrating as I've come to expect from Pollack films, though does have the same smart-but-breezy feel of most his work. Weighty without being heavy. Everyone puts on decent performances and it unfolds naturally, only occasionally does it feel canned or unsure of what its doing, but it doesn't reach very deep so what it finds can only be so impressive. I like Pollack, his tone and style speak to me, but this isn't his most eloquent statement and probably isn't really worth the time.

Willie J (us) wrote: An underrated noir that features fine acting from the cast. There's enough wit, sensuality, and violence to make this noir credible to it's genre. The highlight of the film is Thelma Ritter, to no surprise. Her veteran presence and perfect timing is the kind of stuff we've gotten used to in her performances. "Pickup on South Street" is the kind of film that draws you in with it's plot, keeps you with it's tension and sensuality, and entertains you with wit. An unappreciated noir.

Kirk B (br) wrote: It's a classic with good storytelling and wonderful animation.

anthony m (ca) wrote: I liked the story but this is a complete mess, performances are laughable at times, way too many tonal shifts, irritating narration and really just no vision. Young filmmakers make great low budget movies all the time, I can appreciate talent. There just wasn't any talent involved in the production of Kid Cannabis.

Tsaparas O (br) wrote: ??????? ??? ????????? ??? ??????

John S (br) wrote: How many foreign aid workers does it take to extract a big, bulbous body from a drinking well?Good question, especially when dealing with a war torn, mid-nineties Bosnia. Benecio Del Toro is the gruff but sentimental leader land-rovering around the mine-filled countryside, helping the locals any which way he can. A hilarious Tim Robbins, a dead pan interpreter, a fresh newbie, an ex-flame, and small village boy are along for the seemingly endless drives, searching for a rope. Yup, a rope.Whilst all this seems rather ridiculous, and there certainly are comedic moments, this is really a dark stab at war ravaged survival at its bleakest. Trying to bring some semblance of order, the aid gang encounters endless roadblocks of various kinds, nationalities and priorities."A Perfect Day" is a terrific film, which uses absurdist situations to lighten the mood, yet never strays from the real horrors of the situation at hand. The perfect, and absolutely apt ending seals the deal.- hipCRANK