Remembering Mel

Remembering Mel


  • Category:Comedy
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Doug Harris
  • Writer:Doug Harris, Larry Raskin

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Remembering Mel torrent reviews

Hugo G (ca) wrote: Great performance from Samantha Morton, as well from the rest of the cast, but she carried the whole movie on her shoulders through very rough and happy times. Still, it's supporting cast was very good and added a lot of input to the movie. Overall, the story wasn't as the usual cancer type of movie, but because of its more lively tone it wasn't as depressing or melodramatic as I thought it would be.

Christophe C (kr) wrote: Une comdie noire avec un bon rythme comique et qui ne tombe jamais dans le parodique. une bonne petite surprise.

Marc L (ag) wrote: A visual and audible feast. Tho Taymore could have picked up the pace in a few areas it remains truthfully gruesome to its source material

I dont know w (au) wrote: So good, even though it was Italian, it still got a best picture nomination! That doesn't happen that often.

Tom H (us) wrote: oh, i remember this one. beware of Mikey, he will kill you with an aluminum baseball bat or even a slingshot. pretty captivating plot but executed in a tv movie manner. worth watching, so watch it!!

Anthony H (kr) wrote: In all honesty, I'm giving this movie one and a half stars on the Joe Bob Briggs principle that any movie with this many bare breasts can't be all bad. I am probably wrong. The plot is ridiculous, the action, with the exception of some of the hand-to-hand combat sequences, is simply not credible, and the dialogue was just plain laughable without actually being amusing. The only positive thing I have to say about this movie, aside from the more than occasional display of mammalian protuberances, was that is was - mercifully - short.

Kevin M (it) wrote: Wish it was available on iTunes or Ultraviolet

Private U (au) wrote: cuando sintonice esta pelicula crei que iba a ser estupida, es sorprendente la complejidad de los personajes y tambien la constante tension que se percibe en el momento en que ralph reprueba y aumenta sus posibilidades de ser reclutado, el momento del alunizaje y como pasa a segundo plano es excelente. eso demuestra que la historia no son solamente hechos importantes en una enciclopedia sino que tiene que ver con lo que la gente normal esta viviendo. una pelicula entretenida

Jos M (es) wrote: James Ivory's adaptation of E. M. Forster's posthumous novel is an engaging romantic drama, beautifully filmed and handsome in every aspect, anchored by impressive performances from James Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves.