To overcome the emotional scars of her own past, Vanessa Fullerton recounts her mother Serena's extraordinary life- a tragic death. Serena marries a dashing U.S. colonel, relinquishing her family's fortune. When her husband dies, an impoverished Serena struggles to care for her young daughter until noted photographer Vasili catapults Serena to fame. But Vasili hides a dangerous secret, a secret that leaves a painful legacy.

Her beloved Italian homeland shattered in the wake of World War II, exquisite Serena, Principessa di San Tibaldo, has nothing left except her name, her ancestry - and her heart which she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Remembrance torrent reviews

Tanner M (ru) wrote: A very entertaining, and slightly creepy ghost movie. There is some logic errors like how none of them go to work. Besides that and the cheesy ending this movie certainly is one of the best ghost movies.

Anji A (it) wrote: Pretty funny movie. Not the best, not the worst, but it was enjoyable.

Madeline M (br) wrote: The only reason to watch this movie is Seth Gilliam, who is admittedly a pretty good reason. Oh, and to be fair, Vincent Cassel has a brief cameo as Camille Desmoulins, so if you are a Cassel or Desmoulins fan then by all means . . . fast forward to that part of the film.A more interesting story would have been Sally's relationship with Jefferson's daughters and her brother, and the affair with Jefferson in the background.

rick c (kr) wrote: i remember this movie, one of my favorite 80`s teen movies.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Police Academy-style film with group of rejects entering Stewardess School with predictable results. Prepare for some air sickness as the comedy efforts barely take flight. Sherman Helmsley adds a small role as a blind passenger.

Dustin G (fr) wrote: A biting, angry reaction to Hollywood bullshit and the shallow nature of fame, this is easily Allen's most autobiographical film via Fellini's 8 1/2. Lots of great direction and some funny bits offset the cynicism a bit, but really, this movie is meant to be angry and that's what it is. I think many people find this level of honesty uncomfortable, otherwise this would be seen as one of Allen's best.

Nicki M (nl) wrote: Way better than The Hunger Games.

Sean P (ru) wrote: Entertaining movie about two parents attempting to relive college during a campus visit, while their teenage children realize that their lives aren't as planned out as they first thought.