Talented 16-year-old Ruben gets the chance to have what most teenagers want - fame and success. But what are the costs?

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Talented 16-year-old Ruben gets the chance to have what most teenagers want - fame and success. But what are the costs? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick F (ag) wrote: really really good family film

Joe A (it) wrote: One of those movies where you wish the director was a bit better at establishing atmosphere and suspense because they really try here to make a good little horror movie but just fall short of the mark. The film gets points for not using CGI but live effects instead for their supernatural apparitions but, lose for overall wooden acting and dialog. There are some cheezy ghost voice effects too and an overall slow pace but you can still tell there was a heartfelt effort to make something good. Maybe next movie these folks will get the job done.

Ashley K (us) wrote: For the first 2/3 of the movie, I just couldn't get past the ridiculous premise. However, I will admit the last 1/3 was pretty intense.

Paavo L (de) wrote: ei helvetti. Miten tammonen elokuva on ikina nahnyt paivan valon. Tassa on kylla epaonnistuttu taysin. Kyllahan tasta on aistittavissa kuinka tama yrittaa myos sanoa jotain, mutta koli ottaa pohjasta kiinni heti leffan alkumetreilla ja lopputuloksena on melkonen mahalasku. Kai tama oli komedia. itse en kylla edes hymyilly kuin kerran. Elokuvassa paakaksikko eli paasiaispuput saa kenkaa eraan topatyn paasiaisen paatteeksi yhtion uuden toimintapolitiikan takia. siita lahtee heidan alamaki kunnes he nousevat vaikeuksien kautta voittoon. Maailman tutuin tarina heti "poika rakastuu tyttoon" tarinan jalkeen. Talla kertaa viela harvinaisen huonosti toteutettuna. En mina jaksa tuhlata enempaa aikaani haukkuessani tata. Paska mika paska. Alkaa kattoko tata tai jos jostain syysta kuitenkin paadytte tata katsomaan niin kelatkaa suoraan kohtaan jossa Chris Kleinin hahmo laulaa humalassa rakkaudesta. se oli elokuvan ainut hyva kohtaus. sitten lopettakaa akkia ja hankiutukaa leffasta eroon formaatista riippumatta

Daria S (au) wrote: ???????? ?????? ?????, ??????? ?????? ????? ? ?????, ??? ??????? ??? ????? ? ??? ???????????. ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ??????

Mat E (au) wrote: hahahaha, you're kidding me?

Blake P (it) wrote: Cited as the most prominent ancestor to the slasher movie (sorry, "Psycho"), "Blood and Black Lace" is more than just a stalk-and-slash splatter fest; it is also an artistic orgasm for the inimitable Mario Bava, a director so obsessed with the connection between romanticism and horror that his films, more often than not, found themselves as drenched in Technicolor mystique as they did claustrophobic shadows. "Blood and Black Lace" is important when considering the history of horror, but it is also a huge step for Bava. He kicked off the 1960s with great black-and-white chiller "Black Sunday", furthered his potential with an eventful 1963 (which included "The Whip and the Body", "Black Sabbath", and "The Girl Who Knew Too Much"), and then cemented his status as a visually adept horror maven with 1964's "Blood and Black Lace". Though not a success in its native Italy, its reputation has grown over the years, in part to the renewed interest in the giallo genre and a newfound respect for the filmmakers who were almost Hitchcock but never quite made it. Though I am not as fond of "Blood and Black Lace" as I am "Kill, Baby, Kill" and "Danger: Diabolik" (the former a gothic spooker, the latter a campy soul sister to the early days of TV's "Batman"), I still find myself haunted by its images, so simultaneously dazzling and freakish that I, a day later, cannot decide if the film is beautiful or nightmarish. "Blood and Black Lace" details a series of callous murderous disturbing the lives of the models employed by the Christian Haute Couture fashion house. Run by the physically stunning Countess Cristina Como (Bartok), whose husband has just died, the grounds seem to see tragedy regularly; so when Isabella (Francesca Ungaro), a flighty model, is offed one night by a masked assailant, it becomes clear that something is afoot at the mansion. Death may not just be a frequently occurring coincidence. The film then deviates into whodunit grounds, accentuating its red herrings and its murders. Surprisingly, though, the final result is not satisfying but predictable - one can only kill off so many people before a suspect(s), who never seems to be in trouble, turns into a definite beast of slaughter. "Blood and Black Lace" has a reputation that precedes it, and though I cannot deny that it is extravagantly shot and opulently envisioned, the stiff acting of the cast, not to mention the bland dialogue of the screenplay, becomes distracting. Bava is unparalleled when it comes to visuals - why must he ignore his actors in favor of optic luminosity? The photography of the film is so brilliant that it, certainly, deserves its own review. But the material is so flimsy (and eventually been-there-done-that) that making excuses for "Blood and Black Lace"'s lack of unfiltered thrills becomes hopeless. Don't fear, though: there is no denying the film's other strengths. The girls are memorably alluring, the murders are impressively staged, and the music, which sounds more like background noise to a Spanish caf, gives the impression that danger is running amok but is going unnoticed by the patrons of the invisible party going on outside. Everything looks great: if only there wasn't an underlying feeling that "Blood and Black Lace"'s accomplishments consist of being historically important and acting as an unusually exquisite Tumblr gif set.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: With The Abominable Dr. Phibes a big success, American International chiefs James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff immediately started production on this sequel, with the great Vincent Price reprising his role as the deformed organist, it's a good sequel, but it's filled with alot of "how the hell would he be able to manage to do that??" moments. It has Dr. Anton Phibes (Price), awakening after being in suspended animation for 3 years, and planning an expedition to Egypt to resurrect his dead wife. However, he has trouble from his old rival Darrus Beiderbeck (Robert Quarry), who stole an ancient papyrus Phibes had, although Phibes is able to get it back, and Phibes heads for Egypt. Years earlier, Phibes had build his own crypt within a mountain, complete with a clockwork band. However, when Beiderbeck arrives on the scene, he's wanting the same thing Phibes is seeking for, eternal life, but to throw Beiderbeck off the trail, the body count goes up again, and Inspectors Trout (Peter Jeffrey) and Waverly (John Cater) are on his trail. It's not as good as the first film, and it's alot more camp in tone, and alot more unbelievable, but Price is always worth watching. This one has a brilliant supporting cast with Peter Cushing, Beryl Reid, Terry-Thomas and John Thaw!! :D

Jim S (mx) wrote: I think that if you're looking for a copy of this movie on DVD or Blue Ray, you just have to drop into your local cheese shop and you'll find it right next to the cheddar. Very cheesy movie that looks great but you have to fight your way through the over-the-top acting and non-sensical direction to grab your slice.

Brian L (nl) wrote: Lol. Space ship monster defense: pineapple grenades, M1 carbines and venerable 1911's.