Remote Control

Remote Control

A video store clerk stumbles onto an alien plot to take over earth by brainwashing people with a bad '50s science fiction movie. He and his friends race to stop the aliens before the tapes can be distributed world-wide.

A video store clerk stumbles onto an alien plot to take over earth by brainwashing people with a bad '50s science fiction movie. He and his friends race to stop the aliens before the tapes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (es) wrote: Not the best movie ever, but there are some moments that are hysterical, literal laugh out loud moments.

John C (ag) wrote: A cute predictable love story that goes to Singapore 1/2 way through the movie. That was a nice surprise. I have no idea why they made this 2hrs and 50 mins though.

Franklin D (mx) wrote: Sad history of what looks an innocent Australian chick who has been wrongly arrested for Marijuana possession in Bali. It could be either me or you...

Joseph B (ru) wrote: I laughed so hard throughout this movie. Toward the end when they kept showing the shark swimming upwards and making hilarious noises I thought I was going to shit myself with laughter.

Holly F (br) wrote: This isn't even worth a review. Just read the comments below! February 27, 2011

Daniele C (de) wrote: Not even the stunning beauty of Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron can make up for such a disappointing and pointless movie.At first sight, I thought the director was a genius: put together the crystal, perfect beauty of Charlize Theron with the passionate, sexy charm of Penelope Cruz -an unmissable mix!Unfortunately, after a while it is clear that the director might be really good in marketing, but very disappointing in DIRECTING! The storyline is just ridicolous, the characters have no depth and the male protagonist will always be remembered as "that guy who once acted with Penelope and Charlize". A pleasure for the eyes, but that's all.

Sehar M (gb) wrote: I think its a nice movie. Funny and entertaining. Fardeee is not the best actor in the world but the overall movie was not affected with his bad acting.

VM B (ca) wrote: I loved the fantasy trip to Graceland, Belief, Elvis style,the 20th anniversary. Great act Harvey.

Private U (kr) wrote: this is the greatest movie of all time!

Casen H (es) wrote: The acting is terrible, but great cheesy fun!

Callum B (nl) wrote: watching it rught now, so frigen funny.

Galvy F (ru) wrote: We are alone in our own world's we create, venturing onto another world we find its harder to adapt. Somethings we see eye to eye, and understand one another through some mental translation. Somethings we don't see eye to eye because we haven't seen or don't know. Somethings we don't have to understand, but make sense, we just get it and enjoy it. That path to communication we seek, we are able to find, able to be seen, recognized and understand and we don't find and remain invisible. No one notices or pays attention when life is so busy. When paying attention is so hard when we are distracted with the lights and sounds of the world, entertained, focused on other things, our images, our scores, our job, When we understand ourselves so well, we don't either like or like. When we are important or made to look that way, then we naturally draw people's attention. When someone pays attention to ourselves when they are in that same point in their life as you, "having no clear direction". but some directions we go, we just end up seeing each other. Naturally we just invite, introduce, and discuss who we are in order to meet people and connect with one another. When you don't know where life wpi.d take you when your open to venturing new worlds, you just go with the flow, escape reality into fantasy, and in between find your true calling that's waiting at the end of your trip. Some world's we share where we have been, in this gateway into indulgences of partying, rocking out and drugs. Something yearning deep within us we wish we could just let out. When venturing into other world's we forget that our world needs us, we neglect it. Sometimes we are able to bring our world into another world and make it more easier to live, comfortable to pass the time, Somethings we like to keep it the same way and other times we like it different. When we cohabit, and learn to adapt to their ways and bring our own ways in the mix, we become hard to understand and unfamiliar. Sometimes cohabiting can mean it's all about ourselves or about others and rarely both. Sometimes it's better to remain seen with others and other times invisible with the other cohabitants we wish not to live this world with. Being aliens in a worldly planet or being humans in an alien planet. What bridges both worlds together is what focus & lense we use to learn about each other, notice each other and have some common ground to live by. Being alone in this foreign world, we learn whom we are, this soul we enrich, of likes and dislikes, knowledge, identity, position, and life. Being recognized from another world, but distant in your own world makes the return trip seem unwanted. There are plenty of likes and dislikes we consider about both worlds, we just can't live without, but can't have both, that revert to whom we are and hiding it deep within ourselves, waiting for the next trip to enrich it within ourselves. We have obligations, we have to live by and cannot give up. We must put others ahead of ourselves own happiness. There is no time to dig deep about the questions, the actions, or feelings we have of what escape we did, it's scarier to know the truth, when its obligations we have to follow. When the cohabit we live with enrich our lives so much, that this person we kept hidden, flourishes. The one souvenir we both wish we could take back. But we are just a flight away to say goodbye forever. Long lasting soul mates.