Alledged wayward adolescent Louisiana gentleman Michael 'Mike' Blueberry is dumped by his family with a Wild West uncle. The brute's only 'motivation' is a stick. After a nearly fatal ...

Alledged wayward adolescent Louisiana gentleman Michael 'Mike' Blueberry is dumped by his family with a Wild West uncle. The brute's only 'motivation' is a stick. After a nearly fatal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Renegade torrent reviews

Tony C (nl) wrote: Very good, tight ans suspenseful mystery, Worth a watch,

Ennis Brokeback L (us) wrote: Not a film that I will be watching on repeat ocasions but this is a very good Christian balemovie. Any true Bale fan needs to check out Flowers Of War.

Aurelius D (nl) wrote: Was rather slow. Some decent action. Doesn't really do anything to stand out from any other movie such as this. Rather forgettable actually.

Kenneth B (it) wrote: The Messengers is passingly entertaining but there's nothing here that hasn't already been done many times.

paul s (de) wrote: Ok, here's my story... I first viewed Chronicles of Riddick when it was a theatrical release. At that time I felt it was passing entertainment and nothing to get too worked up over, in spite of those ultra cool Necromonger ships and armor. I had no idea that Chronicles was a sequel... my bad. Now, having seen Pitch Black I was anxious to see the animated film that served as a bridge between the two theatrical films, with the idea that I would then revisit Chronicles. So, enough preamble... one may think this is a lot of work for a quasi franchise that had the tomato-meter giving the 3rd film a 20 something rating - but since I kind of enjoyed PB and had access to all 3 films I figured what the heck. Dark Fury picks up where PB ends, with Riddick, the priest and the girl aboard the small craft that they used to escape from the dark planet. The story holds some interest, as they are captured by bounty hunters (or at least some baddies posing as bounty hunters, but with a dark ulterior motive). The anime harkens back to Aeon Flux, only here it is more fluid, the only drawback is that some of the characters appear to be floating when walking. The opening scene is reminiscent of the first Star Wars film, with a spacecraft being totally dwarfed by a much larger one, just as Princess Leia's craft was dwarfed by the Imperial Cruiser. The artwork is very stylized, with some serious attention to detail, from the grandiose statuary similar to the iconic images used in Chronicles, to the movements and affectations of Vin Diesel as Riddick (the famous neck cracking for example). The film also introduces the mercenary who plays a major role in Chronicles, as the film does a nice turn by having the merc gaze out at Riddick's escaping ship and saying "this ain't over". The film is short (at just over 1/2 hour), and really, it's a nice diversion and a testimonial to the anime style of cartoon, while filling in the blanks regarding Riddick's story.

TTT C (kr) wrote: (****): Thumbs Up Well-acted and interesting throughout.

Ahmed F (jp) wrote: A Simple story with fantastic direction and cinematography.A little bit loud and noisy but worth watching

Luc L (mx) wrote: A mondo and pseudo-documentary about gogo girls, burlesque girls in San Francisco during the 60s. Very originally done by Russ Meyer.

Rob S (de) wrote: An early Ozu great, or so I hear. I really want to see this.

Marilena G (de) wrote: Beautiful and very interesting movie.

Juan Diego L (fr) wrote: No me entretuvo en ningn momento, los personajes no me llamaron la atencin y el guin muy malo y no tiene sentido y hay partes muy tontas, para mi esta pelcula tampoco ser salva de las pelculas basadas en videojuegos, o puede ser que sea porque no tengo nostalgia por Mortal Kombat.

(ca) wrote: this is my son best movie of all time. he said that the film have everything he need in the movie comedy and horror. this is the good film. classic yes! it is up to jaws no. but is it good yes. is it need to be a b movie no is a fun movie!

Marcus W (jp) wrote: If the story and the characters were as captivating as the battle scenes, we'd have a winner.

Aaron F (kr) wrote: i think this is tim allen's best live action role and its very very funny