Renfield the Undead

Renfield the Undead

Renfield, the mad slave of the evil vampire Count Dracula, is now himself an insane vampire stalking a modern day metropolis.

R. N. Renfield, once the slave of Dracula, is now an insane vampire stalking a modern day metropolis (Bayou City). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (nl) wrote: This has never been one of my favorite musicals, but I actually really enjoyed this more modernized version, for the most part. There are a few flaws, and one truly horrifying vocal moment, but as a whole I found this much easier to sit through than other versions I've seen.

Michael K (us) wrote: Steve Stifler should kick his brother's ass for being such an unfunny asshat!

Zeb E (mx) wrote: STEVE SEAGAL SUCKS... it feels great every time I say it... real good.

Gimly M (ca) wrote: An interesting mesh of cast members, and a pretty engaging siege sequence in the third act, but otherwise thoroughly underwhelming.

Russell H (gb) wrote: creepy enough, steady pace. nothing real new here though.

Chayc (ca) wrote: Unfortunately, for me, not even fun for a bad movie. Except for the final 20 seconds.

Martyn G (us) wrote: First class thievery all round. A gang of post-war misfits set out to rob a bank. Excellent characters, with both blatant and subtle homosexual suggestions that make it interesting for its time. Humorous and tense, cynical and observant, stylish and crafted - you yearn to go back to then.

Debbie P (it) wrote: To Hell And Back stars Audie Murphy playing himself about his life in the army. He became the United States' most decorated World War II soldier, all before his 20th birthday. In real life, he rose from poverty - he had an absent father, a sick mother who eventually dies which leaves him to care for his younger siblings, all this by the time he has 16 years of age. He joins the army, becomes a hero, and the film ends after he is wounded and wins the highest medals for his bravery. We all know that he goes on to become a Hollywood star and what better person to play him than himself. Fantastic film.

Michael S (mx) wrote: I imagine that if Kubrick didn't make this no one would really see it. Still it ends up being an interesting little bio on boxer Walter Cartier. More interesting overall than Flying Padre.

Arthur S (kr) wrote: One of my favorites, without doubts. One of the reasons why i'm studying journalism today

Stuart K (gb) wrote: The directorial debut of Andy and Larry Wachowski, who had ran a carpentry business in Chicago, while doing comic books as a sideline. They got into Hollywood when their debut script Assassins (1995) was made into a film, even though it was heavily rewritten they got the chance to make their own film, without interference. A modern day film noir, which is clever, smart and very twisty. It was a good start to their directorial career. Ex-convict Corky (Gina Gershon), has just got out of jail after 5 years, and she goes to a swanky condominium to work as a painter and decorator, it's here where she meets couple Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and Caesar (Joe Pantoliano), who live next door. Caesar is a money launderer for the Mafia, but Violet is unhappy with their relationship and she finds solace with Corky, and they begin a lesbian affair, and soon hatch a plan to help Violet get away from Caesar and start a new life. It starts after Caesar comes home with $2 million in blood soaked notes that someone had stolen from the Mafia, Corky and Violet plan to steal the money for themselves, but will it go to plan?? It's a very clever thriller, and nothing here is what it seems, and it's a very stylised noirish thriller, which exudes sexuality. Even though the Wachowski's had never directed before this, they showed such confidence and craftiness, then they unleashed The Matrix (1999) on the world.

Sonia S (ag) wrote: Helmut Berger all'apice della sua Bellezza e caapcit espressiva. Film non esaltante, ma grande gioia per essere riuscita a trovare il dvd dopo anni che lo cercavo.

Tiffany M (mx) wrote: Beautifully shot and well acted The story line felt rushed that if you're not paying attention you would be lost.

Scott M (gb) wrote: This film portrays life in Scotland in a far more bleak way than Local Hero. The makers use locations such as Glasgow, Loch Lomond and Edinburgh well.