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Heather M (kr) wrote: So beautiful and so very sad. I will be recommending this to all foreign film lovers.

David M (ca) wrote: Too much to like to turn away from the few short comings of this film.

Kali H (ag) wrote: Another thought provoking documentary. The theory behind the drop in crime rate was particularly interesting.


Henry P (es) wrote: 12/3/16Son of a nutcracker, there are so many Christmas movies out there! One that's great for Christmas (or any time of the year) if Elf. We open with a story book, learning about elves. They have very limited job options and love to tell stories, especially Papa Elf (Bob Newhart), who tells us the story of a human he adopted and raised as an elf: Buddy (Will Ferrell). After seeing Buddy accidentally end up in the North Pole, we get a quick montage of him being raised, then he joins the elf workforce and learns his true parentage. After a talk with Santa (Ed Asner), Buddy sets out to meet his father Walter Hobbs (James Caan). Along the way, he discovers a whole new world: the real world. Whether he runs into coffee shops to congratulate them or just runs around in a revolving door, Buddy expresses all our inner childs, and is an example of what happens when we let our inner child run unchecked. The movie wastes no time getting started, and once it gets started, it's non-stop laughter and heart, and coherently tells the story of Buddy coming home to his. The contrast between the North Pole and New York City is hilarious and obvious, whether it's the motion-capture buddies of Buddy reminiscent of Rankin-Bass Christmas specials compared to New Yorkers and their realistic attitudes, or Buddy's sense of discovery. We get more than laughs, but a genuinely warm story of a father and son reunited, and with the focus on Buddy and Walter, we truly get to care about Buddy's dilemma and Walter's reluctance and confusion. John Debney's score, combined with other Christmas music are the best way to spread Christmas cheer, so let's sing it loud for all to hear! The dialogue is loud and clean for all to hear, and the laughs keep coming. Elf is the perfect Christmas movie for the family, like a live-action Pixar movie, balancing hilarious humor with a legitimate character story. This movie goes on my nice list for perfect Christmas movies and movies in general! You did it! Congratulations! Great job everybody who worked on this movie! It's great to know you did this! Thanks!12/21/13Merry Christmas movie fans. As an early present, you get, Elf, starring Will Ferrell. While it may seem juvenile to some, there is an authentic and real plot to it. We get the likes of Buddy the elf as a main character. He's a human raised by elves, and now he seeks his human father, who is a money grubbing bleep on the naughty list. Throughout, we see Buddy meet the real world. It reminds me of Don Quixote in that Buddy is thought of as "insane." While sounding childish, (there is childish humor in this one) the way they tell the story is so grand, and you really get to care for these characters. The difference between the North Pole and New York are black and white, with elves so much smaller than Buddy, and stop-motion animals, then when you get to New York, it feels like real life. That is how it should be with a family comedy like this. John Debney provides a charming score, even if most of it is Christmas tunes, there's still a feeling of authenticity to it. Elf is Will Ferrell's best movie ever, and has stood the test of time by a decade, and will stand for decades to come.

Ram P (br) wrote: Bizzare, ludicrously bizarre and not as good as it's comparables

donald w (br) wrote: Three twelve-year-olds meet in Brooklyn and quickly become best friends. They play hooky, steal chickens, and become general nuisances until they witness a local mob boss kill a man. The three vow to keep it a secret, and only their friendship helps them deal with what the future holds for.them a great movie

Alexander C (it) wrote: N/a

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Jeff B (de) wrote: Very entertaining movie that won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars. Apart from the title, I had no clue what this movie was about before seeing it, so I had a fun time watching it. Marcello Mastroianni was perfect as the husband who wants to be free from his wife, by any means necessary. It's a nice setup, the narration is fun, and I loved the little fantasy moments throughout that Marcello imagines. I'll admit, I wasn't really familiar with Italian culture, so I had to rewatch part of the final act because I didn't know what "cuckold" meant. Oh, and the final shot is just perfect.