Rent Control

Rent Control

Aspiring actors in New York try to keep the death of one's aunt a secret so they can stay in her cheap apartment.

An attractive couple in their early 20's, Holly and Calvin arrive in the Big Apple fresh from Iowa. They are optimistic, naive and eager to succeed as actors. However, they find the path to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bonnie E (de) wrote: I loved it! It was informative and interesting and inspires me to pursue birding, something I have always had an interest in.

kuno p (br) wrote: Even with the evil North coup' attacking SK, the South Korean's still find a way to make the Americans the bad guys as well lol. Otherwise, the dog fights are exciting. Down on the ground the story kind of drags on but it's tolerable.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Soderbergh offers a consistent blend of camp and sincerity in this entertaining biopic centered on a complex Liberace amid his fabulous palatial kitsch, with Douglas chewing the scenery in a magnificent performance that surprises for its authenticity and pathos.

Ajeesh V (ag) wrote: Kool and sweet romantic movie..Music (A.R. Rahman) holds the key with good performances from Imran Khan & Genelia..

Jon P (gb) wrote: Gaspar Noe's psychedelic revenge chiller brings us looping, lingering cinematography that only ever stops and pins us dead still when we least want it to.The film initially looks a little like Caligula on acid but, as the frenzied narrative reveals itself in reverse, we soon learn why everyone in its filthy frames wants to know where "The Rectum" (the name of a Gay Bar) is.Between sexual oddity, the siren-like soundtrack and some serious face-smashing, Noe's film offers cutting commentary on the darker side of human indignation, holding much more in its fists than sole visceral novelty. Unsettling and oftentimes ugly, yet unquestionably punchy.

Kyle T (es) wrote: Three people talking way too much about way too little. I abandoned it after 30 minutes. Its a shame - it might have been something. 'Interview' managed more with two actors, and Buscemi isn't pretty.

Matt P (de) wrote: One of Brooks best. Dave Chappelle makes the movie

Nicholas S (au) wrote: This is one of my favorite cult films of all time... Seriously, it's pretty amazing. Watch it. Find out.

Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite War Film Is 1998's Saving Private Ryan.

Greg H (br) wrote: Fabulous send-up of those old Hollywood Mystery pictures where a top-notch cast give a very satiric look at what mystery writers often get wrong.

Megan O (br) wrote: An enjoyable coming of age story, full of teenage drama. It's ambiguous in areas and lacks depth in certain aspects. However it's quirky nature makes it a pleasant watch.