A scientist and his sidekick accidentally clone a journalist and decide to turn the mistake into Repli-Kate, their idea of the perfect woman, who loves, beer, football, and frat parties.

Max (James Roday), a teen scientist who's a bit of a geek, has developed a cloning device that he uses to create the perfect woman, Repli-Kate, who loves, beer, football, and frat parties, understands and shares male needs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff C (nl) wrote: People in the porn industry are perfectly capable of falling in love with one another in comedic ways too you know. Really.

Kelly N (gb) wrote: Great movie! Love all the twists!

Bing B (au) wrote: I want to see it again. Straightforward and deep, if you'd care to--and be honest enough to--really appreciate the complications of ordinary people faced with extraordinary problems that hit them like a train.

Trey W (au) wrote: Two words: Utter crap.

MyFriendAli (es) wrote: Funny, Some scenes were pretty funny, but was expecting too much, Good Songs, Last scene was more impressive than funny!

Janiece H (br) wrote: A movie full of laughter, and surprises. The movie ?Friday? is the first of a trilogy. It?s worth a trip to the theater. However if you?re the type who can?t control their laughter; it?s better shown at home on the big screen. Main characters Chris Tucker and Ice Cube or better known as ?Smokey?, and ?Craig? in the movie have a funny and unforgettable way of entertaining the audience with a porch front comedy on how a normal Friday shouldn?t go. Chris Tucker?s jokes will have you on the floor out of breath laughing. While Ice Cube?s serious role keeps the movie suspiciousness going in the movie. You can watch this 90?s film over and over again and still shed the same tears from laughing, like it?s your first time watching the movie. Friday, leaves you wondering and waiting for the next which is just as good?

Ali H (es) wrote: Lee Tamahori's haka-esquely charged and harrowing family drama is engrossing. The portrayal of Maori culture in the contemporary society and the issues related to repressed ancestral identity are finely captured, in addition to the family issues of a regular disoriented family trying to make ends meet. Maori actors add to the authenticity and make the film a compelling experience.

Barry20 K (br) wrote: My "little guilty pleasure"for when I'm not at my best,or I can't be bothered going out to collect a bill that's odd to me, my MOTIVATIONAL movie is "true romance"First part is with Don Vinchenzo with The ULTIMATE DON Tony Soprano in the background ready with his "lock knife"open, and poor Mr Wurrles eventually knows that his Fate is sealed(but even then he NEVER rats on his son)And my Second part is AGAIN with Big T, and Alabama as he tries to make her tell him where his "coke is at"ESPECIALLY the scene where he pretends to be admiring her "beauty"and he asks her to turn around and then he lands a BIG right hook on her chin BUT immediately he knows that he isn't happy with it, and right at that moment he makes a gesture with his eyes as if to say to himself "you messed that up"NOW if that's not enough to put shivers down your back then you shouldn't be watching "true romance"

George H (mx) wrote: I found this movie to be very entertaining. The over the top plot involving a Nazi elf and Dan Haggerty playing a down and out, chain smoking, detective turned mall Santa. This is a must see for anyone who likes cheesy 80's horror movies or Dan Haggerty.

Robert H (gb) wrote: THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY is probably the most atypical Hitchcock film I've seen so far. While it does have a brilliantly macabre sense of humor, the overall story is less than the sum of its parts. The basic story is that Harry is found dead in the woods, and a small group of people have trouble deciding what to do with his body. What the film does well is mining humor from the various situations arising from finding a dead body. Given that the subject matter is kind of grotesque, this results in more chuckles than outright guffaws. Fortunately, I thought the characters were also interesting, if a little underwritten. Shirley MacLaine did well in her first big screen role, and Edmund Gwynn (Kris Kringle in MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET) was also rather entertaining to watch. I also thought that the tonal shifts, while a little odd at first, gave the film a quirky air that I grew to like. An example of how this plays out is in conversations that originally revolve around Harry, but then rather cavalierly shift to other, more banal, romantic comedy territory. If James Stewart and Grace Kelly coming together over a potential murder in REAR WINDOW was weird, two couples doing the same thing over a dead body for essentially the entire film here was downright odd. Ultimately, though, where the narrative ends up isn't as interesting as the journey taken to get there, and is a little underwhelming as a result. This isn't one of Hitchcock's greatest films, but it did provide a refreshing change of pace.

Jimmi S (fr) wrote: The Catholic Church must have hobbled the film's outcome. He would have divorced his wife an married her. The Legion of Decency stuck again!

Sergio M (de) wrote: Must see, classic of the times

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Why don't you just quit, round eye!

Nathan M (us) wrote: Interesting in concept, but tiresome in execution, #Frequencies could have used something more exciting to keep my attention.

Cedric L (de) wrote: Smart and well-acted.

Pim N (it) wrote: It was, good. But it didn't had the sparkle as the original Avengers.

Rebecca S (fr) wrote: It's good in its own Muppet-ish kind of way.