A team of treasure hunters take over Alcatraz Island in search of diamonds and encounter a shape-changing alien.

A team of treasure hunters take over Alcatraz Island in search of diamonds and encounter a shape-changing alien. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (ag) wrote: A true feeling or a genius, who would you choose among them to be your life partner!Biographical films do their job depicting the real events, but the way they were transformed to the screen matter a lot, This one was decent as a film, but as a someone's real story I was impressed. I learn about the world and its famous people by watching films. I did not know this person, so thanks to the film. It centres on the three people as seen them on the poster, but mostly Florence's perspective that beautifully played by Emily Browning. She was introduced by her brother to his circle where she develops a true feeling for one and later decides to marry another for the different reason. The remaining film narrates her life falling apart and can she make it all right to the end.Being a biopic is what its strength, but the story is another version of many films and the people around us. The cast was great, but Emily Browning was on the top of the show. Shot in beautiful places, and I loved the background score. These things make it worth a watch, but if you are interested in the art and artists, you might enjoy it well. If you decide to watch out of the interest, make sure you keep low expectation, especially for the final part. Because people are disappointed how it ended than what it revealed. In a biopic they can't change just to please the viewers, instead the viewers have to learn to accept the truth.My issue was the filmmaking, I was not that impressed with that. It was adapted from a book of the same name, but the film narrated only a few years of the life of Florence. Especially around her romance and marriage life, prior to that events are not known. So that makes the story too familiar compared with the other films. It should have improved a bit with the additional details out of the original source. A small research would have helped them on that. Other than that this film was quite interesting with some unexpected development in the important portion. So it can be watched once, but you won't remember for a long.6/10

LittleBombMusic (br) wrote: This very bizarre stop-motion film has an undeniable charm, combining odd humor and striking visuals. It's a good watch for all ages and I definitely recommend it.

Abhishek S (ru) wrote: Manically made only in the way QT can. Christoph Waltz puts in an aware winning performance as Hans Landa.

Arturo P (au) wrote: I grew up and loved the first 2 Fridays, this one is pretty awful. The fact that they made it a holiday film is even worst. It's watchable, it has a few small laughs but ohh man did they really drop the ball on this one.

Vibha G (ag) wrote: I fell in love with Rishi Kapoor with this film! The best reincarnation themed film Indian Cinema has ever produced!

Michael H (ru) wrote: Initially creepy but quickly gets ridiculous

Samantha S (us) wrote: Pretty over-the-top bad but it's an interesting exercise to say the least. Strongly recommend watching it once just for the experience of it.

Samuel G (au) wrote: At its best while the snappy dialogue is flying in the first half, High Society ends up going downhill when the plot gets convoluted yet underdeveloped in the second half, and the star-studded cast and music isn't quite enough to pull it back up.

Tim J (nl) wrote: I understand this was made with almost no budget and if you take that into consideration a very good effort, very expressionistic. Oddly short though, esp since a good chunk of the film is a dream sequence. Def worth the time though.

Brian B (jp) wrote: 10/17/16 - This truly is a dynamic duo! Action at its finest! God please bring back the good old days! Help us move forward to better days! Heal this broken land of the United States of America and bring us back to you in Jesus Christ name!

Jerrod O (it) wrote: Watched it twice & I still can't remember what it was about. Three stars just because Jenny is in it.

Luke W (ag) wrote: The most visually stunning of the franchise. Other than that...Boring, tame, and lackluster. Just needs a miniscule amount of effort, and maybe it could be entertaining

Dawn I (ru) wrote: Was absolutely stunning, gut wrenching and hopefully eye opening to those stuck in a bubble of what is really happening to this planet