Requiem for Tomorrow Documentary

Requiem for Tomorrow Documentary


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Michelle G (mx) wrote: Oh my gosh my children loved this movie!!! The dancing was fantastic!!!

Simon H (gb) wrote: Street Race for life!

Ryan C (ru) wrote: Once again, another underrated Hellraiser sequel that was great. It was Bradley Douglass's final time playing Pinhead and he did a great job. I loved the premise of the movie and the kills were great. Like all of the Hellraiser films, it's a unique experience that's quite entertaining and never boring. It's a good one.

Rob M (mx) wrote: It was an alright movie for actors that were just starting out. It was sleepy and boring at times but a decent effort. Bradley Coopers entry into movies.

Jamie S (es) wrote: Pretty much just remember this one for the 'Role Call' scene, a song which got stuck in my head for a while!

Michael C (it) wrote: Maybe the perfect movie, cast, dialog and story with brutal street violence. Love Clarence and Alabama. So many of the people in this movie are now stars.

Private U (gb) wrote: Excellent chick flick! Always good for a girls bonding night.

Al M (fr) wrote: Fun little 50s era science fiction film that is filled with atmosphere, suspense, and not a little comedy. The creatures are rather hokey looking, although it is actually hokier when they're invisible, but still a fun film that for some reason has a criterion release. The film does have an imaginative plot about the ability of one's thoughts to be manifested in material form--a plot that Cronenberg would later take up in The Brood. Worth a watch for science fiction fans.

Gayle L (fr) wrote: The acting by all three leads is truly exceptional---unfortunately, the sets are too often terrible, and the story stretches credulity to the breaking point......It's too bad Wayne and Loren didn't star in any other films----their chemistry was great......

Steve W (fr) wrote: Simple but effective, this movie showcases how love and loss can still happen when you're older. The performances and chemistry between actors are very solid, and it offers many heartfelt moments. This is an actor's dream for sure, and the players explore a lot in their roles, especially Danner, Akerman, and the pool guy.

Ricardo H (kr) wrote: BARELY the best I can say about this movie. The heroine/victim is very non-believable. The villain is actually too much of a good guy. The real bad guy was terribly cast with a baby-faced sibling to a semi-famous star, and the whole plot is just not enough to hold the audience in a theatre. This was a "movie of the week" on TV at best