Resham Ki Dori

Resham Ki Dori


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Wes M (ca) wrote: Thinly veiled "come to Jesus" film, no doubt produced by evangelicals

John O (jp) wrote: Nowhere near as good as any of the Damon trilogy. Confusing and over the top. I want Paul Greengrass back!

Gaurav C (nl) wrote: stirring....more aloof than any other movie i've seen..almost self obsessed...

Chucky (br) wrote: March 30-31st 2012April 23rd 2015

Dan M (mx) wrote: Another masterpiece of cinematic storytelling, once again with a totally unique story. Excelentsimo.

Aman A (au) wrote: I wanted to give this movie a standing ovation after I saw it. It was brilliant. I loved the filming, the concept and the depiction of the whole story. The cinematography was spot on and the long one shots were a precursor to what a great director Alfonso would become. In particular, I love the subtleties in the movie - the carefully placed photographs, off-hand dialogues and fleeting expressions. Somehow I caught most of it and I loved it. This is a must see movie for all kind of movie goers!

sab p (kr) wrote: a movie that had a lot of potential to be inspirational but didn't quite follow through. lots of unfinished sentences. scenes were left with open endings. the death of the student was easily forgotten when it could have had more meaning. what made the movie was ms. johnson's sincere concern for the students. although the ending was too sudden.

Gillian B (au) wrote: Yup! I liked it! Didn't love it but I enjoyed it. Gotta just take it as it is, a early 90's "action"- comedy. Nothing serious and not a thinkers film. An easy-to-watch kinda' film. Plus I always love 80's/90's Christian Slater! ;)

Feru S (br) wrote: I first watched this years ago and I watched it recently and it still had me in stitches

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Not as bad as I thought still pretty boring but some good bits, Not a must see, Don't know how the series has made so much money but they won't care.

Muffin M (br) wrote: I own this on DVD in a six movie pack along with:* Coogan's Bluff (1968)* Play Misty For Me (1971)* Joe Kidd (1972)* High Plains Drifter (1973) * Eiger Sanction (1975)