It is 1944 and the D-Day invasion has failed, Germany's army have successfully invaded England and the Nazi war-machine is now heading west towards Wales. A group of women in an isolated Welsh village near the English border wake up to discover all of the their husbands have mysteriously vanished. They have headed into the mountains to join the Resistance.

D-Day has ended.Sarah Lewis, a young beautiful famer, freaks out when she realizes that her husband has disappeared with all the men. After that, the women in tiny valley join the Resistance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Resistance torrent reviews

Karina G (fr) wrote: omg totally want to see this movie best preveiw yes please lt me see this movie!!!;);):)

Fabrcio M (gb) wrote: it isn't so good nor so bad. fun at some moments, exhausting in others.

Teshia M (us) wrote: Cheesy movie but Kellan is hot!

Jeremiah L (au) wrote: Abbott & Costello have small roles in this, doing some of their famous skits without regard to the rest of the plot. The main plot is enjoyable enough.

Paula M (jp) wrote: not bad. a little slow and a not so great ending

Nicky N (fr) wrote: Confusing.Ben Affleck Is A Good Actor But This Wasn't His Best Movie.C

Lauren W (es) wrote: kinda stupid but if you enjoy werewolf movies you might like it and the lead actor bad werewolf dude is hot.