Resting Place

Resting Place

A television movie set in Rockville, Georgia, in 1972. Major Kendall Laird, a Survival Assistance Officer, arrives in this sleepy little town with the body of Lieutenant Dwyte Johnson, a Vietnam war hero. It's Laird's job to help Johnson's parents bury their son. But since the dead hero was black, his parents are turned away by the white racists who maintain the town's "all-white" cemetery.

The mysterious death of an army officer comes under investigation by Major Kendall Laird as the young soldier's parents seek an honorable burial place, out of respect for their son. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart R (mx) wrote: Cheesy, overly twee and at times quite embarrassing. Not worth the time.Everyone is dressed well though! :)

Federico L (nl) wrote: Lost during more than one and a half hours just to get a little sense of what was happening just at the final half hour

Kyle S (fr) wrote: Haha -- good one, guys. Oh, you really had me there for a second. Wait, what? This is a real movie? Naw, no way, this can't--c'mon, really? Well. Ah. Huh.

Gemma M (jp) wrote: "It takes guts to face the world and look like this every day! ..."

Emily S (au) wrote: Extremely raw and shocking. A real eye-opener.

Christy R (us) wrote: finally watched it lol it okay but really ..... not the same .....

Dan S (jp) wrote: The underrated one of the franchise - the film is not only beautiful in its construction, but also deals with its themes and message in a way that maintains it as a worthy entry in Kieslowski's Three Colours trilogy.

Robert L (au) wrote: Good Memorial Day watch I thought. Very strong sub movie. Never rooted for Nazis before so that was interesting. That ending though. The feels!

Scott R (br) wrote: Another example of people trying to make money off Bruce Lee's legacy, I sincerely hope somebody got sued for this pile of garbage.

Scott R (es) wrote: Somber and tragic, but well made.

Nathaniel B (br) wrote: Fantastic performance from McDormand and certainly a fantastic film as well!