Restless Virgins

Restless Virgins

A sex scandal that shook Massachusetts prep school, Milton Academy in 2004-05 school year.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The movie depicts a sex scandal of a released sex tape featuring five senior members of the lacrosse team and a classmate that shook Massachusetts prep school, Milton Academy in 2004-05 school year. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth M (it) wrote: Tom Hanks is the best actor of all the times!

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Hans J E (it) wrote: This is the third Uwe Boll movie that I've seen and it's definitely the worst of them. Somehow, though, something tells me that he was made far worse movies than this.

Katherine P (kr) wrote: In this film version of the bestselling novel focusing on incentive-based thinking, the authors attempt to examine human behaviour in provocative and often humorous scenarios. In a series of six short films with very different directors, there are certainly some shorts that surpass the others in depth and style. The film is extremely disjointed and all this bite-sized food for thought leaves the viewer hungry for a truly satisfying experience. Freakonomics isn't nearly as conclusive or interesting as it pretends to be.

Bobby L (au) wrote: P2 meets Joy Ride. That is the basic plot. It therefore hinges on the ability of actor being stuck in the parking garage. Here, he's good looking, but such things as more than one look or emotion seem beyond his capabilties and the pacing doesn't help. Short as it is, it could have used some tightening up. The director has a good eye, and makes excellent use of his location, but can't wrangle in any of his actors.

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

David G (au) wrote: Movie feels like it never ended.

intuciic (kr) wrote: Queen Latifah is fantastic!!!!!! fun, sparkling and soo enjoyable!!!

Keith C (ag) wrote: It's like cotton candy...sweet, but not much texture, and it melts away to be forgotten

Patrick B (au) wrote: [review of part 1 only] Alternate Title: "Martin Scorsese Ruins the Climax of Some of the Greatest Films of All Time". The information he divulges on these films is interesting, if basic and oft-repeated, and it's wonderful that he's using his popularity in an attempt to open the world up to these classics; however, by resorting to their climaxes in order to interest audiences, he kind of insults their very, story-deemphasizing form.

Alexandre B (ru) wrote: euh, alors, comment dire... j'ai un peu rien compris ce film... Bon il y a des thmatiques qui ressortent, l'tre, le paratre, l'oedipe, toussa toussa, mais c'est tellement alatoire, absurde et somme toute choquant de faon assez injustifie (selon moi) que... ouais, ce film est un OCNI (objet cinmatographique non identifi). Bon, je mets quand mme 2/5, parce que je ne me suis pas ennuy (impossible tellement on reste scotch devant cette spirale de l'improbable et du parfois mauvais got), quelques petits rires, beaucoup d'tonnement... je n'aurais pas quitt la salle comme j'ai failli pour Shutter island, par exemple. Mais je ne peux pas mettre plus.

Toni M (kr) wrote: Love the movie, hate how unsatisfying the ending is. I love INDIE FILMS!

Samuel N (gb) wrote: Great villains great gore great great sequel this is perfect !

Jessica U (ru) wrote: Saw this movie as a kid but want to see it again as an adult so i can grasp more of the conspiracy and history

Paul F (ag) wrote: It's taken me a long time to warm to the western. For the longest time, I just never bothered watching westerns, figuring that they were all the same, what with cowboys and horses and bank robberies and such. I even avoided films that were deemed genuine classics, like [i]Once Upon a Time in the West[/i] and [i]Rio Bravo[/i]. I can't really even remember why, and the idea of dismissing an entire genre, especially one that so obviously inspired one of my favorite genres (the post-apocalypse film), seems kinda sad to me now. [i]Kid Blue[/i] is has some of the typical traits of the early-'70s western. It's a studio film, directed by future [i]Muppet Movie[/i] helmer James Frawley, but it's all about an outlaw (Dennis Hopper) who, after attempting to turn straight, gives up and goes back to his thieving ways. The fact that his story is presented heroicly is clearly inspired by the success of [i]Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid[/i] and [i]Bonnie and Clyde[/i], two films that made the bad guys the ones to root for. The beginning of the film has Bick, known to wanted posters as "Kid Blue," reaching a turning point after a botched train robbery. He decides to call the life-on-the-run quits and settles in the town of Dimebox, a small town kept alive by a factory that makes ashtrays. His job sweeping up hair and emptying spitoons for barber M. Emmet Walsh doesn't work out, nor does his job lopping the heads off of chickens, but he manages to get work at the factory, thanks to his friendship with local man Reese (Warren Oates). His relationship with Reese is, it had to be said, a little weird. Reese instantly takes a liking to him, and invites him to into his life and the life of his wife Molly (Lee Purcell). Reese keeps talking about how the Greeks did things, and at one point he and Bick even take a bath together. Meanwhile, Molly has designs on Bick, and when she finds out about his outlaw past, they make things even hotter. Bick also gets involved with a trio of Indians that have recently discovered God, thanks to the words of crackpot Preacher Bob (Peter Boyle) who spends his spare time working on an "Aerial-Cycle" when not getting into ruckuses about the proper place to perform baptisms. The sheriff (Ben Johnson) wanders around a lot, looks mean and calls everyone else "boy," but generally doesn't do much but threaten. It's likeable stuff, and in more subversive hands this could have been a great film, but Frawley keeps the heat on medium, content to let us simply watch these pleasant-enough characters interact without serving up much in the way of conflict. It's got it's share of funny moments, like the older Indian explaining why you shouldn't eat cow shit, but [i]Kid Blue[/i] is really more light than comedic, and while it's always watchable, it's never anything more than that. Still, the cast is great and Hopper makes a fine lead, even if his character is more quiet and pitiable than anything else, and there are some interesting industrial-revolution-in-the-old-west themes. It's a decent, but ultimately forgettable little western, which may explain why it's never been released to video. Worth a look if you happen to stumble across it on late-night TV, though.

Jennifer L (es) wrote: The stars are for the acting only. Guy Pearce is phenomenal as usual, but the story is a turgid, predictable Lolita fantasy. A family invites a young female musician into their home - one the same age as their daughter. The couple has an obvious lack of connection. This is never explored in any meaningful way. Pearce's wife played by the very capable Amy Ryan is very one dimensional - we never get into her perspective but once. She's flat and boring. The daughter is only slightly more interesting. Kyle McLaughlin has an inexplicable cameo as the old lecherous neighbor that's pushing 60 and making inappropriate comments about the 17 year-old exchange student played by Felicity Jones. I guess it's supposed to foreshadow the gross attraction Pearce's character is beginning to have for the girl that has moved into his home (as an exchange student and for the time being under his care as much as his daughter would be). I wonder if this narcissistic character would be happy to have the reverse happen. At any rate, the most predictable things occur amidst this throughly dysfunctional family - the relationship between the three not the least bit explored until it all blows up at the end. Boring. Boring Boring. And insulting. We don't need another Lolita story. Nabokov wasn't a genius, he was a pedophile. And so is this character who doesn't have to make up for his actions in the least. Terrible.

Russ B (es) wrote: 8/13/2016: I really like this film. It was a very entertaining apocalypse movie and had that Mad Max feel.

Kevin P (it) wrote: Not as good as 11, but better than 12. Once again the guys say clever things to each other for 2 hrs straight while this time planning to get back at someone who nearly killed (emotionally) one of their group. And Andy Garcia randomly helps them too this time. yay.

Robert L (gb) wrote: This is one of these amine you will never forget. First awesome vampire movie I ever saw, it hard to find any other vampire movie to compare.