Resurrecting the Street Walker

Resurrecting the Street Walker

Whilst documenting his life as a lowly intern, James Parker (James Powell) uncovers the long forgotten film, The Street Walker. Desperate to make a mark on the film industry and to prove his ever-doubting parents wrong, James endeavours to complete the unfinished horror movie, resulting in a murderous obsession.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mock documentary,  

An ambitious young filmmaker discovers an abandoned and incomplete horror movie from the 1980s and decides to finish it - big mistake. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Resurrecting the Street Walker torrent reviews

George B (it) wrote: This is a well done documentary, recommend watching it before the Johnny Depp movie is released.

Drew R (nl) wrote: What a strange film. Quite clearly super low budget. The acting is disjointed unconvincing. Most of the time it's comically bad. It was nice to see the adorable old people. Is that too condescending? I was happy to see legit old people who don't appear to be actors having some fun!

Peter R (jp) wrote: This is a far cry from Ferris Bueller... oh dear oh dear oh dear, Matthew what were you thinking. Sorry even as a filler on a 23 hour plane ride, time I can't claim back

Lucas Y (kr) wrote: I've seen Who's your Caddy, Baby Geniuses, Gigli, From Justin to Kelly and every Dennis Rodman movie. This is just as bad as any of those. Probably the worst movie I've seen in recent memory. What separates this from the other "films" I mentioned is this actually had a talented cast. EVERYTHING is executed poorly. The excellent cast has absolutely no answers for the putrid writing. Several "jokes" and "storylines" just wander off and die. The plot is executed so poorly. Not to mention the camera work seemed like it was done by a blind middle school student. I couldn't help but question if this movie had something to do with the unfortunate suicide of Robin Williams. Comparing this to Christmas Vacation & Bad Santa is like comparing Chumbawumba to Led Zeppelin. My wife paid $2 for a used copy of this at Family Video recently. I've since considered divorcing her.

Irvin C (it) wrote: I don't think it's QUITE as great as "Safety Last!" but it's pretty darn great Harold Lloyd film. A college freshman struggles to find popularity and acceptance with the upperclassmen. Harold Lloyd as usual blends a lot of clever gags and physical humor with great filmmaking. There's also a lot of pathos and sweetness in it too. I suspect a lot of college-set comedies and comedy sports movies after this stole a lot ideas from this film.

Mike W (au) wrote: Eddie Murphy is a funny cop!

Trevor T (it) wrote: Another masterpiece from the Shaw Brothers. The film is a little slow to get going and that might put some people off if they're not into their Kung Fu, but the second half of the film really sets alight. The fight scenes are brilliantly choregraphed and the fighting technique by both Lau Kar-leung and Hsiao Ho are impeccable. The final fight scene is amazing! A must see for any Kung Fu fan. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because it's a bit to slowly paced.

Nick B (au) wrote: Survived the test of time, created an eerie and disturbing universe of post-apocalyptic life.

Jack B (au) wrote: This film is BLEAK. But quite good. I did not like it for the first 40 min being that I despised all of the characters and was generally annoyed by them. Seeing as how this is an early Fassbinder effort, there wasn't that inspiring sense of style that he would later develop, which could have made the dreary no good characters more tolerable. But as soon as the Greek character that Fassbinder himself plays enters the picture I found myself becoming very involved... I was anxious and worried for what was to become of him. These annoyingly useless characters suddenly became terrifying to me when in the presence of such a nice and innocent new man.A scene involving two characters speaking blatantly of their preferred violent fate for the foreign man right in front of him was particularly unnerving. The film struck a chord with me by the end and redeemed it's first half. "Katzelmacher" is very similar to a later Fassbinder film, "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul", which improves upon the subject a great deal in many respects and is one of my all time favorite films, but this was a good jumping off point for the then somewhat fresh director.

Greg W (ca) wrote: gr8 cast A benchmark of marital dischord with luminous Hepburn, cheeky Finney

Tiiano H (ag) wrote: Billiant example of Soviet Cinema. Although the intent was to make a Soviet Communist Propaganda film, I am Cuba transcends the narrow scope of its propaganda categorization. This is first rate cinema. The camera moves like no other film. It literally floats in and around each scene in dazzling exploration. Both poetic and humble, I am Cuba is a cinephiles movie. Think Andrei Rublev, Citizen Kane, Bergman, etc. A first rate classic.

Angela J (nl) wrote: Honestly one of my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.

John W (nl) wrote: The subject of old age and its effect on the parent-child relationship is an uncomfortable one. It's also universal, which is why 'Make Way for Tomorrow' (1937) strikes a chord with so many who see it. Few American films have dealt with this subject, and 'Make Way for Tomorrow' is probably the best of the bunch because of its realism and lack of manipulative stickiness.

Andrei D (ag) wrote: Underwood si Keener joaca foarte bine, dar scenariul e nitel prea obtuz pentru propriul lui bine...