The story of a woman who survives the car accident which kills her husband, but discovers that she has the power to heal other people. She becomes an unwitting celebrity, the hope of those in desperate need of healing, and a lightning rod for religious beliefs and skeptics.

Edna Mae Macaulay experiences the afterlife for a brief time after a car accident that kills her husband. As she begins her long process of physical healing, she discovers that she has the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary R (nl) wrote: This is a good movie of another legendary director Katsuhiro Otomo. In this anime film we have an alleged family called the Steams, who are inventors of the steam engine and want to help the world in the industrial age. When something goes wrong with an expierment that Lloyd Steam and Eddie Steam work on it causes a death in the family by killing Eddie Steam. Come several years later, the son of Eddie Steam, Ray Steam is a young inventor himself and is trying to do well, like his father. When Ray gets a warning from his Grandfather Lloyd, he wants him to take this steam orb of immense power that this one group wants. Ray tries to get away from the group, but gets captured in the process, what happens next is that the group wants Ray to help them develop a world built on steam. The only thing is this world may be used much more than helping mankind, but going to war with it. What side will Ray Steam choose and can he stop this power hungry group before it is too late. Good story, great voice actors, lovely animation of Katsuhiro Otomo, and a vivid modern Sci-Fi story set in the industrial age of London. Worth seeing if you are an Otomo fan or of these types of stories in general. 9 out of 10.

Aaron W (ru) wrote: Every athlete loves and hates Stan Ross. I love his bravado!

Jayden C (ca) wrote: really not interested

Esther C (jp) wrote: Pensada para lanzarse al cine pudo ser una excelente pelcula, pero fue pensada para la tv. Varias escenas tienen errores de continuidad muy obvias que an me sigo preguntando el por qu (C) dejaron pasar.

Jerry B (de) wrote: Coming of age story with irish accents. Thats all ive got to say

Tim C (it) wrote: A sweet, little gem of a teenage comedy.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: It's like watching CSI play out. It's fairly entertaining and has plenty of eye candy for guys, but it doesn't take itself seriously at all.

Alex r (jp) wrote: Final entry in the Killer Tomatoes franchise, this film has nothing interesting going for it. The film relies on previously explored ideas to deliver its entertainment, only thing is there is nothing clichd ideas don't work here, and it's what makes this final entry one of the worst in the series. The film could have been a fine final conclusion to a wacky horror comedy series. Unfortunately by the third sequel in the series, the filmmakers just recycled old ideas and delivered a film that is simply forgettable. I think that this is a shame because the first two films in the series were great, but afterwards in went downhill, and this fourth and final entry in the series is the worst. There could have been an interesting, fun film here, but the film simply doesn't cut it. Instead we have the same old, tired formula, and everything is predictable. This series could have ended in a high note, but it didn't. If you're going to watch this film, be warned that there is nothing new here, same old ideas and nothing else. The concept worked well for two flicks, but not so much for a fourth film. Like I stated earlier in this review, this film could have been a good conclusion to a fun series, unfortunately like its previous entry, this film suffers from a bad script where all the ideas have been previously used, and really there's nothing new or fun here. Stick with the first two films and forget that Killer Tomatoes Strike Back and Killer Tomatoes Eat France exist.

Roger W (ca) wrote: "Lina Wertmuller's classic for the masses." Forget the Madonna remake... this is the one to watch, preferably in Italian w/subtitles if necessary...

Deven L (it) wrote: Very exciting and unique. I couldn't look away!

Chris L (ca) wrote: Very good movie, the story was unique and inspiring

wedstarfish 8 (es) wrote: Rudy is a baseball flick that does not give you anything interesting and just gives you a plot about a guy who wants to play baseball in and for a different place. It is very boring, and is not for kids. Not because it's inappropriate (there is some language) but because it is dull and kids won't find it interesting.

Tucker S (ru) wrote: Such a fun movie. Possibly Jack Blacks best

Paul E (au) wrote: this new animated feature based on one of the stories from the 90s is an okay effort. A story that features the topic of how far should a person go in the persuit of justice and how far is too far.

Tamiya B (ca) wrote: could have been a great movie but it was slow and lacked action.

Russ B (it) wrote: 1/31/2017: A very disappointing movie considering the high scores. It wasn't funny at all and really had nothing to do with baseball. Basically just a bunch of jocks drinking and getting laid.