A seasoned police detective and his partner have just uncovered a string of unusual murders that lead them to a serial killer, who believes that he is the descendant of Judas.

A homicidal psychopath uses the limbs of his victims to reconstruct the body of Jesus Christ. Chicago homicide detectives John Prudhome and Andrew "Andy" Hollingsworth are assigned to track him down, and soon become entangled in his plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Resurrection torrent reviews

Christian K (br) wrote: At times it was almost if this film didn't even have a plot. Personally, it only provided me a couple laughs. There was a few clever scenes. But all and all theres not much to speak of here, and I would not recommend giving this film a watch. Unless you're going to be smoking a lot of "Willie Nelson" first.

Imtia H (jp) wrote: A truly delightful movie which exposes how "our" corporate environment works. Bipasha Basu does an excellent job as usual and the movie itself is not bad. A worth watch and decent flick.

Michaela S (ag) wrote: start thinking about food!

Evan L (ca) wrote: this film was very amusing. sex, pot, and more sex. it was so funny. what kinda guy makes a schedule of three different girls to screw each night of the week? a horny. see this one.

Carl M (nl) wrote: After the death of her father and her brother's arrest, Annie is left to uncover her family's hidden past, which will bring her face to face with the supernatural killer Candyman! CANDYMAN 2 is, in every way, an admirable sequel. It not only expands upon the legend of Daniel Robitaille, the Candyman, but it does so with a continued style and sophistication that typically goes unseen in a film of its kind. The colorful Cajun setting gives Candyman a wonderful new world to haunt. New Orleans always has a mysterious aura about it, and a history that reaches out from the streets and buildings. Director Bill Condon taps in to this to produce a number of highly atmospheric moments, from the Candyman's pursuit of Annie through the chaotic streets of Mardi Gras to the retelling of his origin story and the significance of the mirror. Annie is played gracefully by Kelly Rowan, who creates a character that is quite unlike Helen from the original. Rowan is sweet and soft-spoken, afraid to find out the horrifying truth, but like Helen, she is driven by an undying need to know and a bloody fate that draws her to the Candyman. CANDYMAN 2 does inevitably give in to its Slasher roots, with more blood and a higher body count than before. The major distraction, however, is the glaring sound design that cheapens the mood with obnoxious jump scares. Despite a few underlying discrepancies, CANDYMAN 2 proves to be a worthwhile sequel that holds up well against the original. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Malachi R (de) wrote: Overboard is a likable comedy with likable characters and a cute sense of direction of telling the story.

Tim S (ru) wrote: Although this movie is probably considered the retarded cousin of the other Vincent Price witch trial movie The Witchfinder General, it's not too horrible. Well, it kind of is and it isn't. I don't know how accurate Cry of the Banshee is to any of Edgar Allen Poe's work, if at all, but it's not completely terrible. It does have Vincent Price being a completely evil bastard, which he was very good at portraying, a young & pretty Hilary Dwyer, and even a young Stephen Rea. It tries to be both a slasher movie and a revenge movie all in one go, which doesn't really meld that well. It's sort of boring for the most part because Lord Whitman, his sons and his colleagues are such a terrible people that you just don't care. The revenge part could work, but by the time the murders start taking place, the characters do a 180 and I felt poised to sympathize with them. In other words, it's a train wreck, but it's an interesting train wreck (I'll give it that). So all in all, it's not a very good film but it's a good example of what not to do with these particular kinds of story mechanics.

Lopamudra S (fr) wrote: Bleak, dark yet a statement of the world we live in. A reminder no on is immortal; yet the world will put you on a pedestal as one and later break it down. A howler for me... the unsaid expressions between Shanti and Sinha are love understood, suppressed and eternal. Sniff

Evan W (fr) wrote: It wasn't bad, maybe it's because I am not that familiar with Elektra, I just couldn't get into it. Their was a couple parts that got my attention and Jennifer Gardner did a good job.

Sergey K (jp) wrote: Impressive. Really well-made movie with strong lead and excellent fighting scenes.

Brody M (ag) wrote: The worst that could happen is me wasting my time watching this garbage