Resurrection Man

Resurrection Man

Belfast, in 1970s. Victor Kelly is a young protestant man who hates the Catholics so much that one night he begins to brutally murder them. A reporter soon tries to uncover the murder and obtained prestige for himself, while Victor sinks deeper into madness.

Belfast, in 1970s. Victor Kelly is a young protestant man who hates the Catholics so much that one night he begins to brutally murder them. A reporter soon tries to uncover the murder and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 6/21/2013)

Miguel R (ca) wrote: After the mostly disappointing Expendables, The Expendables 2 impresses as one of the most surprising action movies in recent memory

Becki J (es) wrote: The cinematography was outstanding. Twisted movie. Loved it.

Evelien D (fr) wrote: I thought I would like this one but it turned out to be very boring for me.

Collin P (gb) wrote: There was no point in making this movie. The plot sucks, the action sucks, the acting sucks, the origin sucks. This movie didn't need to be made. It ruins Catwoman.

Justin R (fr) wrote: Advertises itself as a baseball movie, but is just worthless romance between two actors, Costner and Preston, who don't even have good chemistry. John C Reilly excels in a supporting role, however, and the small segments of baseball actually look like Kevin Costner is good at it.

Isaiah Lee P (br) wrote: Yes this movie has a few flaws like the incest Michael myers raping and inpregnating his "14" year old niece and the whole cult made him kill stuff but other than that this movie has the best atmosphere for Halloween and the mask is incredible.

Sausages M (au) wrote: I watched this expecting your typical over the top campy women in prison type film, and hmm, I guess I wasn't disappointed. But this film is confused. On the one hand you have the typical WIP stuff- bulldyke guards, tough girls, a 'vulnerable' one, and lots of catfighting. But on the other you have a serious look at prison brutality, and a lot of graphic violence. It makes for uneven viewing- but I suppose given the decade it was made in this film could only ever be like it was. Too late in the day to be campy and soapy and too early in the day to be "Sleepers"; it unsuccessfully tries to be both. Linda Carol is good and Wendy O. Williams is so-bad-it's-good, but Edna's brutality is played for laughs but doesn't quite work as she's a genuine psychopath. I kept waiting for them to triumph but it never quite came, and the last 5 minutes wasn't explained and made no sense. Because of the serious themes they brought into play, it needed another 5 or 10 minutes between the EXPLOSIVE conclusion and the 'la de da' ending, but there was none. Was it cut? Who knows! Bizarre.

Lisa S (br) wrote: I didn't care to watch this entire movie, it was just brainless and full of stupid jokes. But if that's your thing, you'll like this movie better than I did, I'm not saying you'll love it, but you'll like it. Plus, if you're a Depp fan, you can see one of the worst movies he was ever in.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Bland & formulaic film, if it had had any real hit-songs the Colonel would have thought it a perfect Elvis vehicle. Great to glimpse Barty, Garr, Welch, & Kiel - though I missed spotting McCord. Some of the better performances were by Buttram, Erickson, & Langdon. Stanwyck just seemed to be running her lines, not acting. Highly disappointing they never really gave us a good shot of the Jap bike.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Deep Impact is directed by Mimi Leder, and it stars Ta Leoni in a science fiction disaster film about a comet that's coming towards Earth that'll destroy all of mankind, and so there are many attempts to destroy the comet. There was a time that disaster movies were everywhere during the 1990s, and in 1998, there were 2 disaster movies that has some similarities of the plot, this movie, and Armageddon. In terms of scientific accuracy and movie quality wise, Deep Impact is better than Armageddon. The movie does focus more on the characters than on the plot, which is nice, but I didn't find the characters that memorable. The acting is fine, and the effects, most of the time, look really good. I was interested to see where it was going, even if it's predictable at times, and the ending is a bit different than your average disaster film. The main problem that I have with it, is that Elijah Wood's character is honestly very pointless in the film, and that if the movie doesn't show that character, it would've made no difference whatsoever. Even though I was a bit negative on it, but I was entertained on it for a dumb film.

Clinton P (es) wrote: Sadly, this is not a documentary about what really happened, but a political propaganda piece more in the vein of Michael Moore. Not awful, but learn history from history, not from Hollywood.

Geanncarlo L (ru) wrote: Most excellent film. While the first 30 minutes are slow in entering the movie's plot, the last 30 minutes take a most interesting and heartbreaking turn. If you have no idea about Sarajevo's state before, during and after its modern war, this movie will take you there. Penelope is oustanding plauing a mature leading role in this movie. Must-see film!