The director questions his parents about their private life, past and present. They belong to a generation marked by misery and oppression, where marriage was "until death do us part". ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Retrato torrent reviews

Christian S (mx) wrote: Belle histoire d'affections entre un cheval et le monde autour.

Nick A (kr) wrote: Maybe the most well-acted movie I've ever seen.

Adam D (mx) wrote: I wouldn't say that this particular effort stands up to others that I have seen

Sullivan L (us) wrote: Dealing with this subject while being politically correct enough to be suitable for terrestrial television is a tricky task that that movie accomplish very well. Great cast.

Jaro P (de) wrote: I haven't seen this movie for about 10 years and watched it again the other night, a classic, very long but great stuff! '?

Ben C (br) wrote: An interesting documentary - one that I actually watched on my own as opposed to being shown it in classes or anything. It only makes me open my eyes more to how convoluted and obtuse some people can be.

Eber N (au) wrote: Finally a graphic novel was taken to the screen correctly, respecting the essence and spirit of the story and the characters, not like other crude custom, simplistic and predictable adaptations such as Hellboy or Rocketeer, who did not bother to do justice to the original material , however this has been most respectful of the world created by Frank Miller, I wish all Hollywood follow this example.

Joseph B (ag) wrote: I like to listen to ambient music over this instead of the score.

Matt G (us) wrote: Smart, funny, mysterious, and playful. Beautifully complex performances and the best portrayal, by far, of HItler ever. And then the ending happens.

Katrina H (au) wrote: A silly skydiving 80's crime film with a good ending even if it was a bit predictable

Mad M (kr) wrote: Not bad, not great. Fantasy could have gone further. Robb was charming, Hutcherson was not good.

Russell H (ru) wrote: It was pretty cheesy but sort of entertaining.

Steven F (ru) wrote: This is an interesting apocalyptic movie. It does not have zombies, vampires, pandemics or nuclear bombs. It is an apocalypse mistakenly created by some the members of the group that are isolated in their off the grid home in Northern California. Surviving on organic gardens, merlot and home grown weed, while fending off trespassers without weapons.The charactors at times get on my nerves with their pseudo intellectual conversation and spoiled conclusions to their situation and problems. But you know that's the whole idea about the story. A sliver of truth in what could happen and how certain people would react.