Retreat, Hell!

Retreat, Hell!

During the Korean War, a U.S. Marine battalion must fight its way out of a frozen mountain pass despite diminishing supplies, freezing temperatures and constant attacks by overwhelming numbers of Chinese soldiers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:English,Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:chinese,   winter,   retreat,  

During the Korean War, a U.S. Marine battalion must fight its way out of a frozen mountain pass despite diminishing supplies, freezing temperatures and constant attacks by overwhelming ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ronald T (br) wrote: Typical action film. Story plot was original enough. Nothing special, but could see multiple times.

Bridgette Q (nl) wrote: A Skinhead in steel boots kills an Indian dishwasher and ends up with a Jewish Lawyer......

Mike C (gb) wrote: Rewatch: Wow, I didn't write much the first time...before I got back into retail, including Walmart. I'll leave the rating at 7/10. The production value is not up to par, but it's a good topic and hits on some key issues. In the least, it should make one think.This documentary reflects Charles Fishman's book, The Walmart Effect. I think the movie came first as the two are probably not related. The book, however, is makes a much stronger case as it is typical to do that better in print. This is a pet issue of mine of sorts, but what can you do? Having worked at Walmart for over a year, I both loved many of the people I worked with and really hated the company. Upon reading the book, I'm glad I quit shortly thereafter, and I haven't shopped there nearly as much. I did, however, take another retail job upon leaving Walmart and it was much worse in regards to the treatment of employees. It cannot compete on the global mistreatment scale like Walmart does, but Kroger is a goddamn awful company.My problem with Walmart is that it could be fixed to some degree. And the company is dishonest about what it does. The success of Walmart is based largely on its low prices. Every day low price. JC Penney jacked up its prices and will soon try EDLP as well. But those low prices come at great price. The scale of Walmart means production in mass quantities. Companies cut wages and quality to meet these needs at costs acceptable to Walmart. Walmart itself does not pay very well and does not staff itself very well. You can often not find help, or reliable help, and more than half its employees are not full-time meaning they don't qualify for benefits. (In fact, one of the most disturbing things is that you have all these people working for the most powerful, wealthy corporation in the history of mankind, yet these employees are often getting government (taxpayer) assistance to live. That's about as much fucking bullshit as one can imagine.)So you wonder why jobs are going to China. Walmart really has a huge role in this. Right with the consumer public. The book relates several cases, but here is just one: the people who used to make the yellow metal yard sprinklers. The cost of that quality item was x. The cost of paying employees a livable wage is y. The quality of the item itself can be rated at w. Walmart gets involved, demanding that every day low price. The company cannot afford to lose Walmart as a buyer, so it has to meet that cost demand. You cut the cost of the quality to 1/2x by using cheaper metal and plastic inside. Chinese workers can work for significantly less than American workers so you outsource, dropping the labor cost to 1/12 y. The quality of the product drops to 1/4w. But you put it on the shelves and people still buy it. Next product and company. It's a huge issue. Really, you need an entire book to address the loss of jobs, the destruction of competition, the treatment of employees both in America and worldwide. The movie hits on some of it, but also muddies itself with some less-than-typical stuff. The book addresses things a little more in-depth.

Jeff D (br) wrote: Starring, written, and produced by Terry Silver.

Deren K (de) wrote: A mixed bag. On the one hand, a spooky, unusual horror film about a loving father, deep in the Appalachians, who, when his child is accidentally killed by "city folk" visits an old witch. Despite her warning that what he wants bears a heavy price, he pays her to raise a demonic monster to take revenge on the youngsters who killed his sons. These scenes, in the witch's backwoods cabin and an abandoned graveyard, are marvelously atmospheric and scary. On the other hand, when the monster attacks the kids, this becomes a standard "dead teenager" movie. This time, instead of a guy in a hockey mask wielding a machete, the menace is a monster with big claws. Henrikson is good, the actors playing the kids are weak and this does feature a satisfying wrap-up. No classic, but I'd say the good outweighs the bad.

Chris D (es) wrote: A dark, bitter film about a man who was arrested for a minor crime and sent to a chain gang as his punishment. This is a film that demands an emotional response, and I was completely repulsed by the film's depiction of a chain gang: I'd only heard of them by name, and couldn't believe this is something that was actually used in the U.S. at any time in the modern age, much less the 30s. The film felt very extreme to me, especially toward the end: a man steals 5 dollars at gunpoint to spend 9 years in a chain gang? Also, the 90 days followed by denying a pardon, after Muni had spent years working as an outstanding businessman was ridiculous to the point of caricature (namely, the governor and the judge who granted the initial sentence). Another powerful image for me was the strong lack of anyone factoring in Muni's service in WWI, with the judge explicitly moving against leniency. I found it shocking, and hard to believe, that that would not be a factor, but all the same, the film was very effective at showing the barbarism of chain gangs: I was offended the moment I saw the entire room bound together by a large chain at night.

Kaitlyn J (ca) wrote: Interesting how it starts out as a documentary. Reminds me of the madmax movies. Rhona plays a badass girl like Kate Beckinsale does in the Underworld movies. Has some high-paced action which helps.

Milan J (au) wrote: There is no cinematic effect. Felt like watching documentary.

Movie M (au) wrote: Tom Hardy gives an understated yet powerful performance. His character is mysterious and strangely appealing. It's also a must-see for fans of the late great James Gandolfini

Alex D (es) wrote: great film loads of laughs