Two time travelers with opposing views are sent back to the present aboard a research ship in the Antarctic to prevent a global biological disaster from occuring

The film takes place in the year 2204, a deadly bacteria threatens the survival of all mankind on Earth. With time running out, a team of genetically unique men and women resistant to the disease, make a bold trip back in time to save humans from extinction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Retrograde torrent reviews

Jacques D (us) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Kathleen W (it) wrote: A little too long and aimless but often pretty beautiful.

Kevin C (jp) wrote: Takes more than a few cues from Top Gun and Behind Enemy Lines, but mashes with it some tried and true Korean romance and comedy sub plots. It feels like this is a movie made by a guy who always wanted to do a fighter jet movie all his life and when he got the chance, just had to squeeze very single thing he loved about jet movies into it. The result is a movie that could use a bit of trimming down, but it has some pretty good aerial scenes (not bad CG either). The movie is long, and though it never really reaches 'edge-of-your-seat' excitement, also never gets boring. Asian directors need to learn how to direct English speaking actors or just stop putting them in movies, though. Just awful English acting.

Benjamin F (nl) wrote: It's a light and entertaining story. It could have had less of a "generic" hollywood feel though.

Austin V (gb) wrote: I sort of enjoyed this highly stylized Takashi Miike film, but it certainly had some rough edges. Its unique twist - a Japanese cast in an English-language Western - is also its biggest problem. Due to non-native English speakers, the dialogue is very awkward - the inflections, cadence, and pronunciation all sound stilted unnatural (with Quentin Tarantino's cameo acting being at least as bad).I'm also a little disappointed that better use wasn't made of the Django aspect, especially the coffin. There are a couple nods, but that's it. However, there is a Japanese version of the theme song that rolls over the credits, and it sounded amazing - probably my favorite part of the whole movie.

BSH n (au) wrote: As they say, this is the stuff that horror films are made of, and Awake tries to fill that niche. Unfortunately, it's not much of a horror film. Actually, it's not much of anything.Clayton Beresford Jr. (Hayden Christensen) is a young man who has everything; heir to untold wealth, seemingly loyal friends (Terrence Howard, for one), and a lovely girlfriend (Jessica Alba).He also has the Ice Queen (Lena Olin) as a mother ... and a bad ticker. But welcome news arrives when a replacement heart is located and Clay is soon prepped and put under the knife of his good friend. As the anesthesia kicks in (but doesn't exactly) our hero comes to the painful awareness that all is not as it seems.It's never a good sign when a film has to rely on a narrator, or use flashbacks to progress the story, and in no way is Awake the film to rise above lazy narrative devices. The script is loaded with soap-opera mechanizations, out-of-body loopiness and faux-medical flapdoodle that is blatantly preposterous even to the layman. Even worse, the film never really explores the high-concept hook that the premise dangles on.And while Christensen has shown that he is a capable actor in the right hands (say, as in the excellent Shattered Glass), he is also extraordinarily embarrassing to endure in the wrong (say, George Lucas). As exhibited here, writer/director Joby Harold falls into the latter category and leaves Christensen prone to a painful (to the viewer) emoting that eventually becomes ludicrous.Alba is cute, though.

roger t (ca) wrote: approximatley 4 hours in length...fascinating recounting of mostly post ww2 itlalian films, up to fellini's 81/2, that influenced scorsese. recommended to fans of italian cinema and the history of cinema in general...........

Mikko M (mx) wrote: Jos sattuisi ihmisell koittamaan hetki, jolloin elm ja suomalaisuus ei tuntuisi olevan silkkaa kusta ja paskaa, niin ei muuta kuin Kaurismke ruutuun ja partaveitsi ulottuville. En ainakaan itse asu tllaisessa Suomessa.

Antony W (mx) wrote: not as good as i thought but well worth staying up for. walken looks like he just came of the set of dead zone, with those huge eyes and scary features of his..

Ankur M (us) wrote: Powerful, Strong, No Look Back, Care Free, Hellish all in one. That's Dwyane Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. He was all super good in the flick.

TA P (kr) wrote: A messy dialectic of thought and action, ultimately cynical in its approach, yet foreshadowing the tensions that excited among university students in France pre-1968. 5 bourgeois teens study Mao's Little Red Book and end up plotting the seeds of revolution. Godard's leftist sympathies are on display readily, yet he attempts to work through contradictions from Marx to Mao via conversation. Divergences amongst the group or the one teenager with a former professor of hers are given equal measure. Nothing is definite in La Chinoise, nor is anything clear (although a tableau vivant declaring the need for "clear images" in the face of "vague ideas" is certainly ironic). If anything, Maoism is not the utopic ideal many attend to associate with this film (one student paints a rainbow in the apartment, and shoots himself at upon its completion... no proverbial "gold" at the end to speak of), culminated in the botched attempt to assassinate a Russian minister of culture. Maoism, in La Chinoise, is a blunder, a reductive representation of class struggle through simplistic slogans and propagandistic art to what end? Students going back to school and work after their ideologically indulgent summer. Much like the one Maoist who leaves this cloister says of his former comrades, La Chinoise is all "sound and fury," yet he leaves out the most important part of this Shakespearean citation, "signifying nothing." At best, worth watching for its dialectical approach and as a time capsule for Godard at his most politically kitsch. Of note: Jean-Pierre Leaud, of the seminal nouvelle vague film The 400 Blows, appears in the same costume as in Godard's final "feature" film, Week End.

Alexander C (us) wrote: This was a good film, funny yet sick!