Return of the Ape Man

Return of the Ape Man

The discovery of a perfectly preserved caveman prompts a mad scientist to attempt a daring brain transplant.

While on an Arctic expedition, two scientists find the frozen body of a prehistoric caveman. They bring him home to their laboratory, but decide that in order to fully utilize (and control)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna I (kr) wrote: Too long, loses steam. If the plot was tighter it coulda been super perfect-- like you want a level of predictability with a Belle and Sebastian movie but it even kinda drops the ball there. Not bad but unfortunately forgettable.

Marilee A (it) wrote: High-school Prostitution Ring,very good Lifetime Network Movie

Grant S (mx) wrote: Another of those dime-a-dozen dance movies that have plagued cinemas in the last few years. This is even duller and more pointless than most, which says a lot.

Shadow L (ag) wrote: This film is great fun! I thought it would be lame because the first fight sequence was a bit "rough" in staging but it got better as the film unfolded. I laugehd out loud at the humor in the character following around the virgin girl to get her menustral blood because they were not knowledgiable on women and women's bodily functions. The fight scenes were a bit over-long but over-all...not a bad film.

Brent D (au) wrote: Made me angry, but not shocked. Movie is proof of money being the ruit of all evil.

Derek D (kr) wrote: I wasn't incredibly interested in this movie, just kind of intrigued about it since reading the synopsis. Cubicle drone gets tired of his life and plans to kill his coworkers. When he actually gets set to do it, someone else in his office beats him to it, Slater kills the guy and becomes a hero. Then it turns into a love story before a not-at-all surprising ending. Slater is actually a great actor, so the problem isn't him. Macy seems kind of wasted somehow. The film just isn't that good. Pretty good idea, bad how it came out.

Corey B (de) wrote: An epic of incredible scale, rich with excellent battle sequences executed near flawlessly.

Joh L (it) wrote: A great Aussie movie.

Mayooran N (de) wrote: What a climax .. Nice twist !!!!

BJ W (jp) wrote: It's very wacky (not always in a good way) and has some unfortunate wire work in a couple of places but other than that it's an enjoyable flick with some great fight scenes showing of Mark Dacascos' skills.It's worth watching just for Dacascos' ass kicking ability. Hell, scan through it to all the action scenes if you can't stand the rest of it, but the fights are worth checking out.

Alden S (jp) wrote: 10 out of 10:There is so much to say about Trainspotting. From the great performances, to weird imagery, and scenes that are funny or scary top this film.

Cha D (br) wrote: incredibly bad, in a bad way, this movie stinks from minute one. Yet, I couldn't look away. The groan-inducing dialog seems to have been run through AltaVista's Babelfish for a final polish, and the star (star?) of the movie is either the awesomely rotten Adam West (non-ironic version), or, depending on your level of highness, Jon Mikl THOR (yes, THOR), the singer of the 80's metal band THOR (how'd you miss them? They are from Vancouver CANADA. Nuff said). This movie sucked, but I enjoyed it anyway, go figure ;)

Sanford R (ru) wrote: Definitely would like to see this!

Adam S (kr) wrote: Fourth and last of Lang's string of Joan Bennett noirs, with our lady marrying mysterious Michael Redgrave and finding his obsession with murder quite peculiar. Not Lang's best American film, but the photography by master Stanley Cortez keeps things looking great.

Colton R (de) wrote: The film about Mohandas Gandhi's life follows the most important parts of his struggles, and it begins with Gandhi as a Hindu lawyer in South Africa. After being subject to racism, he begins to assemble nonviolent campaigns of resistance with some of his fellow countrymen. Gandhi returns to India as the leader of the passive, nonviolent movement of protest against the British government, eventually leading India to liberate themselves from Great Britain. However, Gandhi could not rely solely on charisma to solve the growing division between India's Hindu and Muslim populations, which led to Pakistan declaring independence from India. As Gandhi tried to end the bloodshed between India and Pakistan, he was shot and killed by a Hindu nationalist.This movie cinematically was a good portrayal of the struggles of Gandhi, and Ben Kingsley did an amazing job at playing Mohandas Gandhi. Ravi Shankar composed the music for this film, and it adds to the film's value overall. This movie beat E.T. to win Best Picture in 1982, so it is highly received by critics. Some of the scenes were visually very striking, and the camerawork is superbly choreographed. This movie shows how the aspects of nonviolent protest that Gandhi practiced and promoted display the Hindu aspects of nonviolence, which eventually led to India's independence. However, the conflicts between the Muslim population (Pakistan) and the majority Hindu population of the rest of the country created war between the two territories. A lot of positive religious tones can be taken from this movie in regards to the nonviolent protest movement, but the years of war between Hindus and Muslims and the assassination of Gandhi by a Hindu nationalist clearly show the unfortunate realities when people close their minds to another's beliefs and pick up weapons instead of dialogue with one another.

Keena M (us) wrote: I loved this show. This is what I'm looking forward to finding my true love like this-sort of.

James B (us) wrote: Solid, low-budget sequel is bound to please fans of the original film, clearly the makers care about the material, their ambitions are so high though that they can't quite pull this off, Megan Ward is a great addition to the cast.

Zachary J (us) wrote: What a fluffy piece of crap