Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Crazy old Professor Gangreen has developed a way to make tomatoes look human for a second invasion.

Set 10 years after the events of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, crazy old Professor Gangreen has developed a way to make tomatoes look human for a second invasion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Return of the Killer Tomatoes! torrent reviews

Michael M (us) wrote: You know a film has issues when you find yourself rooting for the dinosaurs to kill the obnoxious daughter of the 'hero'. The 3G dinos look worse than the much older Jurassic Park and i would have preferred Harryhausen to have done them, as he at least could animate. Even copying the velociraptors in the lab wholesale doesn't help this films crappy effects. The plot has so many holes in it that I assume all the gunfire in the film must have have ricocheted off the dinos and hit the scriptwriter instead. This might explain why every single time a dino is shot it seems impervious, but not why one is knocked out by the obnoxious daughter wielding a hockey stick. Some films are worth watching because they are so bad they are fun, this isn't one of them.

Rahman S (ru) wrote: only enjoyed genelia charming....rests r as usual....

Daniel L (gb) wrote: More bromance than romance...the lead actor is a good actor despite the thin script. The cinematography is smart.

Jonathan K (de) wrote: not everyone will be able to handle 35 Shots Of Rum... (get it?) but the understatement in the dialogue and subtleties of the story arc are a major win for director Claire Denis. the film is pretty slow and unapologetically melancholic, but both its speed and tone appropriately portray the tale of this father/daughter drama. poignant in its realism, 35 Shots Of Rum is a story of change and the adjustments we all must make as life moves. told through restrained melodrama, Denis thankfully doesn't feel the need to spell out every detail for the audience, which lends this film an elusiveness that quickens its languid pace.

Ben C (ca) wrote: So cute! That is all.

Sajib K (it) wrote: Lila, a gorgeous young woman who used to live in a shady suburbs of a French town, found herself being chased by some local teens of Arabic descents. She found her romance with a decent guy from that group. She formed a web of fantasy, false provocative pornographic stories to woo her. Her dream will continue to flourish until a storm approaches. A very sensual film backed up by a touching story and accentuated by a beautiful, goddess-like woman in the role of Lila. Super-charged Erotica !!

Thor L (mx) wrote: Why does it have 54%, this movie is fucking amazing

D M (ca) wrote: Goddamn Frogs suck. Suck dick. Suck tranny dick, to be more precise.

Matt G (it) wrote: Baran is one of the single most human films I've ever seen. The story of an aimless young man and a hidden young woman on opposites sides of a refugee imposition is stunningly elegant, both in visuals and drama. The setting, a beautifully overcast construction site, reminds us that when we are focused are building instead of destruction, our humanity can be given room to empathize. Funny, earnest, curious, sweet, and wonderful, it pushes us to find purpose in the care of another.

visitorQ S (ca) wrote: WOHOOO! Was um Himmels Willen war das denn? Ich kannte von Philip Ridley bereits Heartless (ein bizarrer Film der mir sehr gefallen hat), doch auch der konnte mich nicht auf das vorbereiten was mich in Schrei in der Stille, oder reflecting skin wie er auf englisch heit, erwartete. Schrei in der Stille ist ein unglaublich schn gefilmter, toll gespielter und von der Geschichte extrem abgefahrener Film, der zwar die ein oder andere Lnge vorzuweise hat, doch dem Zuschauer dann auch immer wieder Szenen bietet die einem durch Mark und Bein gehen und Gnsehaut pur erzeugen. Eine abschlieende Wertung fr diesen Film zu finden ist sehr schwierig und auch nicht ganz fair, man muss dieses Werk einfach gesehen habe. Eine absolute Empfehlung meinerseits fr Filmfans der aufgeschlossenen Art. gute 3,5/5

Alex S (nl) wrote: This has got to be one of the most boring horror films ever made, it's strange to see David Hasselhoff in a movie like this too.Although released as a sequel to Ghosthouse (La Casa 4 in Italy, as their attempt to make their ownn Evil Dead sequels), it is nothing like any of those films at all, it's just crap.

Danielle K (ru) wrote: Tom Burlinson is quite the gentleman and knows how to win his woman!

Alex W (nl) wrote: I think this doc makes was is going on with the hadron collider and how it works understandable and shows its importance. There is also some great buildup to weather or not this gigantic expensive project with a billion moving parts is going to come together. You get to see how important public relations are for scientist as well, they might get funding pulled if the public doesn't think its working, a public who has no idea how any of it works.

Eric B (br) wrote: I don't know why this movie is only a 20% on here, i thought it was great. Keeps you guessing and with great action to go along with it with great acting. Why'd they have to kill 50 cent like that??? Haha.

Kenneth J (es) wrote: My favorite Disney movie as a child, my favorite Disney movie of all time!