Return of the Living Dead II

Return of the Living Dead II

Curious kids unearth the barrels that helped revive the dead of the first film, which proves the second time's an undead charm.

Curious kids unearth the barrels that helped revive the dead of the first film, which proves the second time's an undead charm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Return of the Living Dead II torrent reviews

Jake R (nl) wrote: Great documentary. Both sides are told. Interviews are right as events were happening. Great capture of history.

Darine S (it) wrote: Some of us do well getting by, some just can't make peace !

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Totaly the wrong movieposter comes with this movie , mistake it was to watch the movie for the second time . Tipical a girl movie ....some oke jokes ....1 highlight Always ... Koen De Bouw ! SOMDVD

bill b (au) wrote: Its great film technically. The problem was obvious the script....

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Absolutely unterrifying. Ghost train is a disappointing J-Horror about a mysterious railway pass where people have gone missing. The plot was confusing and acting was even worse.

Robert H (nl) wrote: Natalia Avelon is gorgeous. That bus is awesome. Enough said.

Daisy M (ru) wrote: not scary and rather boring. poop.

Zack G (jp) wrote: I am sooo surprised how much I love this movie

Nikki J (it) wrote: I really could never get into this enough to finish it, so after a couple of months, I deleted it. :::shrug:::

pave m (us) wrote: now this is a well paced movie! never a dull moment! plus the casting :D kevin sorbo rules! karina lombard is beautiful and tia carrere is always good. this is good shit.

Private U (br) wrote: Again, it's just as bad as the first two... Hahaha.

Ben L (es) wrote: Continuing the Thin Man series was a good idea because Myrna Loy and William Powell have such superb chemistry and it leads to extremely charming dialogue. If every moment of After the Thin Man was just with these 2 characters I might love the film. Honestly, I think what holds this movie back the most is the murder mystery, which is a strange thing to say because I usually love mysteries. The case is not the most complex or interesting. It is simply a case of the deadbeat husband who everyone wanted dead and now we are left to wonder who did it. It feels like one of those stories that was crafted by a murder mystery dinner theater crew because literally any of the suspects could be guilty of the crime and it would be unsurprising. But I find the people so fun to watch I still can't seem to help enjoying most of the movie. It's always a treat when Jimmy Stewart is in a film and here he gets to show some interesting range. Aside from that, After the Thin Man is not much different from the first film in the series. One thing I did find weird was how they created a bunch of little vignettes for the dog, Asta. From what I've been told, that dog was quite famous at the time and so they almost created a full role for it in this film. However, watching the movie nowadays, it's like everything just stops for these scenes and it kind of detracts from what was taking place up to that point. I might explore the rest of the movies in this series, and I can recommend them for some light-hearted mystery fun, but I can't imagine watching them multiple times.

DC F (ag) wrote: Kind of dull most of the time with overly dramatic dialog that made me fight myself to stay awake just to see the ending. The acting was above-averege and what tiny amount of action was in here was good, but only enough for me to see the 3 main stories come together. This film was unmemorable and it really doesn't matter whether you see it or not.

Leonardo S (ag) wrote: Way better than i expected. Karl Urban is the embodiment of Judge Dredd, and the story is compeling enough to keep you interested.

Colin K (nl) wrote: If you're a fan of the cinema, this film will be very special to you!

Tim R (jp) wrote: Favorite Mel Gibson movie, action packed and funny and entertaining!

Shajie K (it) wrote: With mumVery fun fam movie.