Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis

Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis

A group of teenagers who, in an attempt to rescue their friend from an evil corporation, end up releasing a horde of blood thirsty zombies.

A group of teenagers who, in an attempt to rescue their friend from an evil corporation, end up releasing a horde of blood thirsty zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis torrent reviews

Amith P (it) wrote: Kolloola.. Cheetha padam ! :P

Philip B (jp) wrote: I rather enjoyed it considering its from WWE Films, or WWE Studios or w/e they call themselves nowadays. Amusing at times but nothing spectacular. Would of been funnier if Blades would of got thrown in jail a couple times for obstruction of justice. 3.5 of 5 stars i give it.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Lame; absolutely zero likeable characters; and apparently nobody knows how to drive in this town.

Huw G (it) wrote: Wit, updated. Violence, more graphic. Formula, untouched. As an action flick it's better than reviews suggest, just don't expect anything more than light entertainment.

Grant M F (fr) wrote: It's good to know that documentary doesn't have to be too serious... at least on the surface.

Skyler B (ru) wrote: So. This movie attempts to have such a gimmick in it as the split screen. And it works. The slow reveals, the double angles, the nonstop splitting of the characters... it all works. I just with the plot wasn't so very contrived.

David H (nl) wrote: A entertaining Fantasy Saga with Bombastic Effects and lot of Phantasy it reminds a little of Spirited Away the Villain Chick was damn hot but the Lake Maid too

Angalee M (it) wrote: I love this movie its the bomb

Paul C (kr) wrote: I really do not know what Takashi Miike was thinking when making this movie. He moved away from the horror, but kept the crazy. This movie was pretty messed up, but in a different way. A man fantasizes about being a superhero and it comes true because the world is being attacked by aliens. There is a lot more to the story, but you will have to watch it to see what I am talking about it. If you know Takashi Miike, you will have to watch it to understand it all. The movie also makes fun of old and new superhero type movies, but the cheezy ones, like the Power Rangers. In fact because it is making fun, some of the scenes will really have you laughing. Sho Aikawa plays the so called Zebraman and does an excellent job. Going from a shy older man who does not connect with his family to the powerful Zebraman. The rest of the cast really doesn't need to be mentioned here. I will say that most of them did an excellent job of acting for the most part. There is CG in the film; mostly for the aliens. Combining the mind of Miike and the writers really came up with some strange aliens. They are so evil, but also come off as cute at parts. The story again has a deep meaning behind it, but if you don't catch it, the film seems just strange. But if you like strange, then you got yourself a good movie. I did enjoy the movie for the most part, but I would not recommend this film to Miike fans for they may look at him in a wrong way.

Daesy Anastasia F (mx) wrote: I'm not watch this movie yet

Keaton E (mx) wrote: Brilliantly animated, visually striking and thoughtful, James and the Giant Peach will entertain the kids and make the parents smile.

Daniel K (it) wrote: This is inferior to the first two of the trilogy in my opinion. It is still inventive in its set design, but it??s lost much of the sense of naturalism and originality that characterized the first two films. I liked the crane shot of the studio at the beginning, but this wasn??t enough to keep the rest of the film interesting. There seems to be less actual dancing than in the first two as well. It definitely reminded me a bit of West Side Story. There were some good set pieces, but I don??t love Flamenco enough to love it despite its shortcomings. It is a good story though.

Scott C (ca) wrote: A very good film overall. Unfortunately, Robert Montgomery doesn't add depth to a film that could have been great. Wayne steals the show as always and the battle sequences are ahead of their time.

Deborah R (nl) wrote: tee hee. The spinal fluid aspect being an integral part of the plot would so not fly now-a-days. But it was good :)

Laura W (es) wrote: I love how this film is Shirley Temple but also has Hitchcock like suspsense too! This film is the epitome of the 1930s-gangster, typical American family, New York City...

Antonius B (mx) wrote: Early on while watching 'I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang', you feel it will have real substance and a meaning not often seen in movies from this time period. It starts with a vet returning from WWI disillusioned with the prospect of being a factory worker for the rest of his life, and his mother supporting him in his vision to become an engineer (quipping he needs to 'find himself', which I found to be about 30 years ahead of its time). The movie transitions into a harsh prison film after the man unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a holdup, and in exposing the cruelty of the chain gang system, it gained great notoriety. Director Mervyn LeRoy tells the story with a perfect sense of pace, as well as balance - the film is tough and gritty, but never gratuitous. When the man escapes prison, it's clear he has physical relations with a couple of women, but in what must have shocked conservatives at the time, appears honorable in being honest and telling one of them that they both know "it wasn't love". And in the larger sense, this is what the film turns on its head - conventional notions of honor, and justice. The main point made is that those who run a prison system which metes out cruel and unusual punishment are indeed as bad as those they imprison (or worse!). We hear the age-old argument for harsh punishment from a prison official at a parole hearing - that it not only serves justice, but deters crime and also helps reform prisoners - and this argument is not challenged, at least verbally, by any other character - and yet while watching, we feel and know it to be wrong. Modern studies have shown it to be wrong, and yet the argument persists. LeRoy doesn't hit us over the head with this though, he just shows us the truth - and it was very interesting to find out afterwards that the film was quite true to a real-life story, and banned in the state of Georgia. I also found it refreshing that the African-American convicts are shown as strong and dignified, at one point segregated and looking into the camera with somber, intelligent eyes.I have to also say that Paul Muni is fantastic in the lead role, and more than worthy of his Academy Award nomination. He seems to me to be an early form of James Dean or Marlon Brando, and delivers a great performance. His last line in the film is haunting, and reminds us that we should be asking, what are the ultimate goals of the prison system? Pretty impressive for 1932, and without a doubt, a landmark film.

Jerry A (ru) wrote: All I'm gonna say is this was a stupid movie, although it was entertaining.

Christie Y (it) wrote: The dialogue in this movie is (surprisingly) as on point as Tom Cruise's hotshot looks and demeanor. First time seeing this classic. It will make my next trip to Kansas City BBQ mean more than getting to eat burnt ends this side of the US.

Ofe M (nl) wrote: This is a weird movie... And I've seen weird