Return of the One-Armed Swordsman

Return of the One-Armed Swordsman

The notorious “One-Armed Swordsman” who has spent the last two years retired from the martial world as a simple farmer with his wife. Of course this idyllic life is about to be sliced to ribbons by Chang’s wicked imagination. He concocts a savory setup when he introduces, not one, but eight unique villains known as the Eight Kings of Swords and their sword-wielding entourage for Wang Yu to eventually chop his way through.

The notorious “One-Armed Swordsman” who has spent the last two years retired from the martial world as a simple farmer with his wife. Of course this idyllic life is about to be sliced to ribbons by Chang’s wicked imagination. He concocts a savory setup when he introduces, not one, but eight unique villains known as the Eight Kings of Swords and their sword-wielding entourage for Wang Yu to eventually chop his way through. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edith N (de) wrote: Funny, Yes; Comedy, No Improbably, this has some similarity with [i]Operation Petticoat[/i]. No, really. Doubtless everything that happens in the movie could happen to a real patient, has happened to a real patient, but it is improbable that all of it would happen to the [i]same[/i] patient, especially on the same night. In fact, I think all of us have experienced at least one or two, because several of the problems in the movie are all too common. It's illegal, in the US, to ship people from hospital to hospital once they've been diagnosed with a serious problem, but I think we've all dealt with doctors more interested in their status than in our problems. I think most people who've gone to an emergency room more than once have had to wait while accident victims or what have you are dealt with instead, more on which anon. For most of us, it hasn't been much of a problem, because for most of us, our own health problem wasn't that serious. But there are always exceptions. Dante Remus Lzrescu (Ion Fiscuteanu) is a bit of a crabby old man who lives alone with his cats. One night, he calls an ambulance, because he really isn't feeling well. He had ulcer surgery seventeen years earlier, and he thinks this might be related to that. But the ambulance takes a long time to get there, and he goes downstairs to talk to his neighbours while he waits. They tell him he should quit drinking. While he's there, his condition gets worse. Eventually, a nurse, Mioara (Luminita Gheorghiu), arrives, and she knows it's more than just a reaction to his ulcer surgery. She thinks he has colon cancer. Though she does tell him he should quit drinking. Then, she and the ambulance driver (Doru Boguta?) go through a long and complicated series of events, taking Mr. Lzrescu from hospital to hospital. Along the way, he is found to have a subdural hematoma. He doesn't have colon cancer, though; he has liver cancer. In general, I am not opposed to having the first people to get to a hospital be the first ones who are treated, but that's on the assumption of similar severity of complaint. It's quite probable that many of the accident victims, and we're told there are at least twenty, are seriously injured. But the reaction to the arrival of Mr. Lzrescu is to announce that the hospital is full and he must go somewhere else. I'm willing to bet that at least some of those accident victims can wait. Mr. Lzrescu cannot; the last shot implies to me that no care will arrive soon enough. Of course, it's true that the liver condition is untreatable, but no one knows that at the outset of the story. It's as though someone, somewhere decided that Mr. Lzrescu wasn't important; after all, it takes until he's vomiting blood before they'll send an ambulance. We are given at best sketchy details about the accident, because its only importance is that it bumps Mr. Lzrescu from treatment. I think the names were chosen carefully. I don't speak Romanian, but can Lzrescu fail to be a play on Lazarus? Can it be a coincidence that his name is Dante and his brother-in-law's name is Virgil? It is not improbable that what we are exploring are the Nine Circles of Romanian Health Care. Of course, it is unlikely that Lzrescu will rise again, all things considered, but for the most part, he doesn't think much is wrong. At least not until it's obvious exactly how wrong everything is. Come to that, [i]The Divine Comedy[/i] doesn't end with Dante's exit from Hell; there are two more acts yet. (It's mostly that the interesting part is over.) We are supposed to see these names as cultural markers, I think, and it's entirely possible that the point of naming the main character Lzrescu is to give us a false hope, one directly contradicted by the title. The steady decline of Mr. Lzrescu's health isn't a surprise. We know he's going to die; it's right there in the title. But the name makes us believe the title might be lying. However, the character for which I think we develop the most sympathy is poor, harassed Mioara. I don't think she much likes her patient, but she's determined to get him the best treatment possible. She's willing to stand up to doctors and be personally insulted in response. She's been doing this a long time. She knows the ins and outs. She fights for her patient--she drives him around Bucharest for five hours, after all. Her job is not done just because she gets him to the hospital door. She is a good, gentle woman and the only real hope Mr. Lzrescu has. And the doctors treat her like dirt half the time. They don't want to hear her tell them what else has happened to the patient that night, because she's only a nurse, and what can a nurse tell them? Never mind that, in this case, it's what other doctors and other tests have shown. This is based in part on the real story of a man in similar straits abandoned by the ambulance drivers to die on the streets. Mioara would not have done that.

Anand K (ag) wrote: boring. no drama. just drags.

Will N (de) wrote: How often are you going to see a movie like this--filled with humor *and* actual wisdom--in today's Hollywood? Almost deserves a 5 just for that.

Douglas V (ca) wrote: Aff ... Milla I don't know why I love you uhauhauha ... I was hoping to see you shot someone, but you just act like a hooker ... disappointed

Mark P (de) wrote: Was this film about the probability of meeting the right people at the right time? Or was it about how to be suave in Singapore in the 60's?

Rogier J (nl) wrote: I recall this to be a great movie.. must watch again!

Alexander C (au) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Biswa r (fr) wrote: A musical at its best.

Jody P (nl) wrote: Romantic,gotta love these stories in this movie

Larry Y (us) wrote: I suppose I'll have to break down and watch it someday

Harry W (kr) wrote: Birdy was a film which caught my eye while I was studying up for my psychology exam and I figured that after exam period was over I would take the time to watch it.Birdy seems like an ambitious attempt at a film, but I found myself quickly growing weary of it due to the way the story constantly flips back and fourth between what is actually happening and what has happened in the past. It takes so long to reveal just what trauma made Birdy go insane that by the point that its been revealed I frankly didn't care anymore. The story is more focused on establishing a connection between Birdy and birds than it is on connecting him to anything else, and it plays in themes of the Vietnam war so lightly that they fail to make an impact. Birdy could have been simple if it had of focused on its key elements, but it has too many elements it attempts to fit in when it simply could have stuck to the simple elements of exploring the complex psychology that goes on in Birdy's head as a result of his relationship with Al as well as with birds, instead of putting all the focus into birds. Even though that's a title, a film about brotherhood and loss of innocence in the Vietnam War can simply not be putting the most of its focus on Birds.Birdy drags its story about Birds for too long and doesn't show off what Alan Parker is good at because it's easy for any filmmaker to put together a piece like this, and a lot of people would find it more sensible to develop its story more and not end it so abruptly. But he does have a strong pair of leads lined up to add certain compelling elements to Birdy.Nicolas Cage is great in Birdy. His line delivery is basic, but the way he can make audiences sympathise with him due to his connection to the titular character Birdy is very powerful. Nicolas Cage shows off some of the charisma which made him an international star in his youth in Birdy, and him starring in a very character driven story reminds us what makes him an Academy Award winning actor. He's a great presence in Birdy.Matthew Modine also gives a good performance as the titular Birdy. Although his character seems like a drafted version of a serious psychological figure who could have been explored a lot more, Matthew Modine does manage to nail all of the complex physicality and shorthanded insanity which can be seen in his facial gestures. You can tell by his shell that he is a complex figure, and had Birdy been a better story he could have impressed viewers very well, like he did in his career high point Full Metal Jacket. Birdy asks a lot of humanity questions, and Matthew Modine answers most of then when the film comes up short.The chemistry between these two actors is also strong, a real brotherly bond which ties the story together. That's what most of the strength in the story is reached from. The cinematography is also good, and some strong locations are used to host Birdy's visuals which assists in ensuring that it is in fact a good visual experience.But despite decent visuals and a talented pair of leads, Birdy is too focused on Birds to explain their importance in the story or even focus on what is better and more important in the story than simple Birds.

Javier F (it) wrote: Incluso siendo consciente del ambiente en que se desarrolla, la pelcula no se avergenza y hace que nos divirtamos y al mismo tiempo reflexionemos. Para ello, profundiza de la forma ms realista posible y al mismo tiempo nos despeja la mente con actos muy bien representados, sin exagerar ni en un aspecto ni en otro. Por otra parte, podemos disfrutar de actuaciones ms que impecables, sobre todo la de la bella y dinmica Liza Minnelli. A pesar de alejarse de la perfeccin debido sobre todo a su escasa pero notoria falta de profundidad, no se debe menospreciarla por ello y resulta ser todo un espectculo, slido y muy entretenido.

Eric L (es) wrote: Changing Lanes is one of those films where the two protagonists duke it out under escalating circumstances that threaten to completely ruin their lives. One man (Samuel Jackson) is an is a divorced alcoholic fighting for custody of his kids. The other is a blissfully unaware lawyer (Ben Affleck) who wakes up to some dark truths about his business and how greedy people succeed.These characters struggle with their conditions in thought provoking ways that raise philosophical questions without overduing it or neglecting the momentum of the story. By not pushing too hard on the philosophy aspect, it becomes a very philosophical movie, one with a real resolution that brings a proper end to the drama of the film.It all starts with a freeway accident between two strangers with important court dates. Gavin leaves Doyle high and dry and as a result Doyle misses a custody hearing. Gavin's day gets worse when he realizes a crucial file for his case was left with Doyle at the scene of the accident. The two then irrationally, but understandably, try to bully/get back at each other as Gavin attempts to get his file back.The rising conflict is a little harder to watch. On the other hand the film does a terrific job of making you care about the characters and still understand that they are bringing all of this trouble onto themselves and that they deserve each other. For this reason their constant unraveling is endurable and the depth of thought beneath the tumult makes it worth watching and investing in.It's a delicate sort of film and this movie was handled by a surgeon. The story and screenplay credit goes to Chap Taylor, although Michael Tolkin gets screenplay credit as well and may have been the surgical hands involved. A

Alex K (nl) wrote: A disgusting man veiled by Catholic bureaucracy. Bleak, impacting and important. A very interesting documentary.

Stormy E (kr) wrote: Good mindless action film just for something to watch that you don't really want to get THAT into but want to enjoy somewhat. Graphics start getting cheesy and comparable to that of Die Another Day. Sound design is atrocious. Starts off nice , interest fades over time.