Return to Halloweentown

Return to Halloweentown

As Halloweentown prepares to celebrate its 1,000th anniversary, Marnie Piper and her brother Dylan return to Witch University, where trouble is in session from the Sinister Sisters and from someone who's plotting to use Marnie's powers for evil.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:magic,   dog,   sequel,  

Marnie and her brother Dylan are going to follow their dreams to go to college, at Halloweentown University, where witches and warlocks can't use magic. However, dark forces try to control her magic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Movie K (ca) wrote: Not the typical action comedy Jackie Chan movie. A message to deliver mix with good story and drama. Movie start off with a japanese police patrol the beach and saw hundreds of illegal immigrant and was attack. Jackie is also low profile in Japan. Flashback to past, his girlfriend Xu Jinglei is able to go Japan to work. Unable to find her after awhile, Jackie arrive and stay with fellow village pal Daniel Wu. He and many other chinese illegal immigrant (Lam Suet, Ken Lo) stay in a small house. While working in dump centre, Jackie save fellow man Chin Kar Lok. The Yakuza choose a new chariman (Yasuaki Kurata) and vice chairman (Masaya Kato) who is husband of Xu, now go by japanese name Yuko. The police chase Jackie and gang working in sewer. He save Naoto Takenaka from drowning. Working outside, Fan Bingbing give him some money out of pity and when she is mug by hooligans, he save her. She bring him to her pub and is going to reward him with money, instead he return all back. Jackie is working and saw Xu. He is relieve and heart-broken, decided to do illegal business full time to prosper. Daniel is coward in nature but still help him. After doing very well, the gang pool money and buy a chestnut pushcart for Daniel which is his dream. Jackie bump into Bingbing and bring her home. Their landlord is angry of them been loud and gonna chase them out. Jackie appease him by giving him a watch. Bingbing offer to teach them japanese for free. Daniel is wooing the daughter of an old chinese immigrant Paul Chun, who have Yakuza backing. He beat him up badly and keep the pushcart. Jackie ally all to smash his place and snatch the pushcart. Naoto saw him and let him go. The tampered pachinko machine is discover by the taiwan mob boss Jack Kao. Ken ask Daniel to guard for him awhile. He got caught by Jack and torture badly. His face is cut and hand severed. Yasuaki gang want Jack to kill Masaya. Jackie want to avenge for Daniel and hide in the pub. Jack is going to kill Masaya, Jackie save him and cut Jack hand. They manage to escape and Jackie go to his home. He talk to Xu and she has a daughter. Later Masaya want Jackie to kill the big boss and Yasuaki. He agree but want terms like a legal status and also all territories of Jack. After killing them, the police are on high alert. Masaya loyal deputy Kenya Sawada question Masaya decision to give Shinjuku to Jackie as he hate chinese. Jackie and gang finally have a name for themselves. Paul and all other chinese give Jackie protection money. Daniel is now a mad angst man. Naoto warn Jackie to be careful of his power now. Jackie don't work like a real mob and just want peaceful community to help out immigrant. Task Daniel to take care of newbie and others with tasks. Himself do something he likes. Daniel deal with drugs and is causing troubles around. The big advisor question Masaya motive. He get the enemy gang and also Kenya to finish his reign. Naoto tell Jackie all his people are classify as gangsters now and said Daniel is peddling drugs and working with Masaya. Bingbing want to leave Japan with Jackie but he can't let go his fellows. She is very sad. Jackie will testify against Masaya to help Naoto unless his chinese fellows won't be arrested. Kenya work with Jack to kill Masaya. Jackie bring Naoto up their place and they aren't happy. He found out everyone are involve in drug peddling despite his warning against it. All blame him for not taking care after the success, giving them responsibility and himself disappear. Jackie warn them Masaya will not let them chinese prosper. Chin stab Jackie and said whoever block his wealth will die. Lam try to talk peace and is slash too. Kenya and Jack from outside throw rocks in and Chin is killed. The rival gang all out attack inside. Masaya try to escape and shot by Kenya. He give a thumbdrive full of evidence to Jackie. Him and Naoto escape down. Daniel also die. Jackie call Xu to meet at train station but another gang already hold her hostage. Kenya shot Jackie near the train station. Naoto shoot him dead. He find Jackie at the sewer. He hand the thumbdrive to Naoto and die, drifted away. The downfall of people who gain power and become greedy. It is rather dumb of Jackie to even care about those idiots. Himself also quite an idiot for not taking care of things in beginning.

Ryan D (es) wrote: I went to rent [i]Swimming Pool[/i] at my local video store and was faced with a choice: the R-rated or unrated edition? Although I am partial to unrated versions of movies ([i]Requiem for a Dream, Happiness[/i]), it really depends on what the film was rated when it was released theatrically. If the artist intended to make an R film and then added a whole lot of sex and blood for the DVD release, well, that's exploitative, and I like to think of myself as a discerning viewer. So, I heard from some movie dork friends that [i]Swimming Pool[/i] was a dirty, sex-crazed French film, but still I didn't feel guilty about renting the unrated version, because the film was released unrated, and the last thing I want to is tamper with some director's artistic vision. However, I didn't find the film all that sexually explicit. It stars [b]Charlotte[/b] [b]Rampling[/b] as a British crime writer mired in late middle age and looking for a change of pace. She travels to France to stay in the empty home of her editor. She enjoys this personal reverie until the editor's daughter ([size=1][size=2][b]Ludivine Sagnier[/b][/size]) [/size][size=2]comes to stay at the house as well. The daughter is promiscuous and is constantly nude, which pushes the mental and social barriers of the totally repressed crime writer. They're unusual and tempestuous relationship as unlikely roommates is what provides most of the plot of the film.[/size] I found [i]Swimming Pool[/i] to be well-paced and suitable Hitchcockian; I truly had no idea where the film was going. It's billed as a thriller, but its a quieter film than this genre description alludes. I found it very similar in substance and tone to [b]Ingmar Bergman's[/b] [i]Persona[/i]. The relationship between the two women is central to the film and rife with psychological subtext. And Sagnier's bare chest was also central to the plot, obviously, since it was featured prominently in every other scene. I found myself contemplating this film for several hours after I finished watching it, which is some of the best praise I can give a film. I also watched [i]Anatomy 2[/i], which is the sequel to the monumentally shitty [i]Anatomy[/i], a Dutch pseudo-horror film released a few years ago. I didn't like the first film at all, but the second film was covered extensively by [b]Fangoria[/b], and I was hoping for some over-the-top gore or maybe just something a little MORE than the first film. The plot of [i]Anatomy 2[/i] is similar to the first film: a group of anti-Hippocratic doctors are bent on performing aggressive tests on humans in an attempt to achieve scientific advancement. In this film, the doctors have produced a new artificial muscle, and they peer-pressure all the members of their strange sect/Lodge/cult into volunteering for procedures to implant these new muscles. So all of these doctors operate on each other, filling each other's bodies with these fake muscles (which can be controlled from a remote location, via PC, thanks to a chip imbedded in each and every artificial muscle) and nobody seems in the slightest bit concerned about the experimental nature of the project or the fact that they are handing their bodily muscle control over to a group of elitist cult zealots. The plot was interesting, but the mentality behind some character actions was severely in question. Some good gore is featured in a shocking opening scene, but most of the medical gore featured throughout the rest of the film was poorly produced and unrealistic. [b]Franka Potente[/b] (who starred in the first film) makes an appearance as a police officer. And I find it funny, as I watch more Dutch films ([i]Run, Lola, Run, The Princess and the Warrior, Winter Sleepers[/i]), how many of the same actors pop up in one Dutch production after another. The Dutch branch of the Screen Actor's Guild must not haul in a lot in annual dues.

dude m (mx) wrote: shrek dada i give you 5 stars

Brody M (ru) wrote: Great movie with a young Mickey Rourke & a very young Eric Roberts with a fro.I haven't seen to many of Rourke's early movies but this must've been when he was still a good actor because most of the movies I've ever seen him in have been garbage.Something about the ending of this movie felt a little bit off for me.

Alex K (de) wrote: Worst then the first one and the first was pretty bad.