Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

Director Rocky Costanzo's searing legal drama centers on a highly credentialed child psychologist named Glen Erskine (Richard Meese) whose life is shattered when he's accused of sexually assaulting a young boy he's been treating. Based on the novel of the same name by Gary M. Frazier, this poignant tale also stars Andrew Martin, Steve De Forest, Jeff Harman and Brett Chukerman.

A well respected child psychologist finds his life turned upside down when he is accused of sexually molesting a young boy under his care. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip H (gb) wrote: Bloody hell, this was a tough watch! Probably best avoided if you're thinking about having kids soon!

Timo V (gb) wrote: A bit one-sided, given it's mostly succesful filmmakers, and a bit lazy in a way that it's "just" interviews edited together with basically no external view on the topic, but tells clearly what it means to be a screenwriter in Hollywood, and why it's not always easy, but simultaneously it's unavoidable since once you begin it, there's no way to stop it.

valancia a (fr) wrote: i love is movies is verry good lol

Robyn M (ru) wrote: Were to begin? This movie has great actors, out there orginal story but its screen play lacked charisma, humor or a great reason to enjoy! mild to no laughs..Rosie keeps the movie from falling apart, dressing is risky/erotic clothing-yet it's more comical then HOT! Imagine, Gerry marshall(man in retirement) making a movie about fantasy's. You know where this is going? In to the TRASH!!! next to Gigli and other Bad movies...

Steve W (ag) wrote: A razor tonfa wielding expert and a Tai Chi expert kill the Leaping Martial Arts school's master, so the school dedicates their lives to the downfall of their enemies.There is no humour in this movie at all. It's all revenge and killing in this down and dirty martial arts flick. The fights are much better than your average movie, as Woo Ping Yuen's choreography looks great. The martial artists look like they actually fighting and do not have that staged feel.The only thing off about this movie is Carter Wong's voice actor. He is supposed to be an invincible supervillain, but has a high pitched actor that makes him sound ridiculous. Overall, a very entertaining but repetitive martial arts movie.

Ryan T (br) wrote: The one star rating I gave it is for Paul Newman's performance, which is the only aspect of the movie worth watching.

Evadne W (kr) wrote: Didn't like it that well. The original is the best.

DC F (it) wrote: A little slow at times but ridiculously stupid which works to its credit and makes it a good shock.