Return to Source: Philosophy & 'The Matrix'

Return to Source: Philosophy & 'The Matrix'


An hour long discussion on the philosophical concepts that inspired, and are presented in the trilogy. This is one of the two feature-length documentaries on disc number 8 of the 10-Disc Ultimate Set. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler R (de) wrote: Movie started with a interesting premise. Then ended up being a very boring slow paced movie with nothing going on. Pass on this one.

Timmy M (jp) wrote: Look who just got added to my top five favorite movies of all time.

Private U (es) wrote: Scontatissimo... mi ci hanno trascinato a vederlo!

John P (ca) wrote: "Garfield Gets Real" is all right. It deserves a PG rating for its peril and rude humor.

Thiago K (de) wrote: a dvida era: Scorsese conseguiria fugir do padro de gravao de shows? e sim, ele conseguiu fazer algo totalmente fora do normal. gnio gnio.

Kjartan K (nl) wrote: Could be more focused but very revealing indeed

Jason S (ag) wrote: Cleverly constructed dialogue--and one great scene with Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana--couldn't make up for pervasive negativity, unnatural writing, and a construct that was too clever by half. Nice turn by Jane Seymour, though.

Ryan G (au) wrote: I did not see all of it yet but from what I saw it was fairly impressive.

Lina (jp) wrote: Jane Horrocks was Brilliant!I was damn well annoyed and surprised that she was not nominated for more major awards, particularly as the film showcased her uncanny and amazingly precise vocal impressions...she was quite simply flawless.Thumbs up to Michael Caine who gave a fantastic performance as well, very cunning and emotional.

Lewis E (jp) wrote: Classic martial arts stunts. Classic goofy humour. Classic Jackie Chan. It is clear to see why he broke into Hollywood as he clearly made his mark in Rumble in the Bronx. Recommend 'The Drunken Master' if you want to witness the origins (and arguably the best) of Jackie Chan's talents but this one should serve you well also.

Marco P (kr) wrote: Donno why but it is a kind of a cult to me this movie, it is a strange story and waterworld reminds me of it.It is a bad nightmare I think. But the reality I think its not that far from this. A lot of sequel from other plot and stories that copied this movie came out. This is why the vote is "high" respect to your opinion."The survival of the fittest"... yes

Danielle D (es) wrote: have 2 do a drama project:)

George G (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies of the year. Nothing like taking a hot topic and making a good mystery drama out of it. We need more films like these around.