Return to Treasure Island

Return to Treasure Island

A USSR-made adaptation of the famous Robert Louis Stevenson's book that combines animated sequences with live action parts.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pirate,   silent film,   bar,  

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Andre R (gb) wrote: Only for those with a special interest on the topic, I'd suppose.

Adam F (ca) wrote: If you enjoy the cheap monster movies that "The Asylum" has been delivering, you'll find that "2010: Moby Dick" is one of the better entries in their catalogue while stopping short of being a great film... and I'm saying that in a way that is not ironic. The story actually deviates a lot from the original novel, sometimes in ways that are fresh and original but also in ways that make the overall theme of the story completely disappear. Instead of a whaling ship, we get a high-tech submarine and the crew is chasing a whale that's far out of the ordinary: Moby Dick is a 600-foot prehistoric monster that just loves to chow down on boats. This monster whale angle is actually where the movie doesn't quite work. It's really hard to buy that no one is concerned about this monster except for our Captain Ahab (Barry Bostwick) when you actually see the creature attacking animals, boats and people unprovoked. Captain Ahab actually seems much more in tune with reality than the higher ups in the military because he acknowledges the danger of the beast, something that's quite unlike the character in the novel by Herman Melville's novel, where the corresponding character was a madman, obsessed with revenge against a creature that didn't even realize it had wronged him. Other than this character and the titular whale, most of the movie doesn't really have anything to do with the story. "Ishmael" has been replaced with "Michelle" (Rene O'Connor), a pretty clever modification and most of the story plays like a giant monster movie, with our crew searching for the sea animal while military officials think that Ahab has gone rogue and try to hunt him down.The special effects are decent for this type of film and although the acting isn't great, there aren't a lot of moments that will make you groan. There are some fun sequences where Ahab and Moby Dick take turns hunting each other and there's some decent tension. The climax of the movie feels incredibly silly and really tries to shoehorn in the references to the novel instead of just being its own thing. The idea that a 600ft animal could hide in the waters inside a ring of island is completely absurd, even though it does make for some nice surprise moments. What it comes down to is that "2010: Moby Dick" tries way too hard to be a monster movie and an adaptation of the novel. The cues it takes from the original source material work in the beginning and the monster movie stuff works in the middle but the ending is a blend of both that's really nutty. It's never boring so you'll have fun with it but this is not nearly as epic as the film makers wanted it to be and it's a decent time spent in front of the TV without being very memorable. (Dvd, April 25, 2013)

My B (us) wrote: This is a piece of crap movie. From a logical standpoint, the majority of this movie seems very unlikely, unbelievable, and stupid. The lack of character and story development is appalling. It is also a good demonstration of lack of understanding about relationships and psychology. Sonny has at least on 2 occasions taken stories that he heard and twisted them around into lying evil monstrosities. Very unoriginal thefts. He may be headed for lawsuits if he continues to use other people's stories which he has butchered in an attempt to avoid legal liability. Would recommend that Sonny stop writing and producing movies altogether since he has no original ideas and his work is straight up garbage.

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MF J (it) wrote: It's a nice film, well shot, with some amazing locations but somehow it feels a little too cheap and a bigger budget might have helped a little bit this nonetheless interesting film.

Zahs (es) wrote: "I was brought up to hate the english...had to come here to learn about love. It's much stronger than hate."

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Pieter V (jp) wrote: Prepare for Global Swarming! Infestation is a good fun alien bug-fest film that doesn't take its B-grade premise too seriously but doesn't take it's audience for granted either. A well paced script, solid performances and rather good digital and practical effects prop this film up on a shelf above many in its class. If you like horror comedies along the lines of Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead or the recent Piranha 3D you shouldn't be disappointed.

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