Reuniting the Rubins

Reuniting the Rubins

One man's mission to follow his dream is comically halted in its tracks at the request of his dear, but difficult, aged Jewish mother who is hell-bent on seeing her warring dysfunctional grown up grandchildren together one last time before she dies.

One man's mission to follow his dream is comically halted in its tracks at the request of his dear, but difficult, aged Jewish mother who is hell-bent on seeing her warring dysfunctional grown up grandchildren together one last time before she dies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (kr) wrote: An irregular and heterogeneous combination of seven different stories that lacks a cohesive unity and is never interesting enough to be worth our time - and not even excellent directors like Pablo Trapero and Gaspar No are able to save this project from being dull and tiring.

Rimenith T (au) wrote: Why the hell it is only 69% when wil people learn to aprpreciate things

Bryce H (fr) wrote: When Did You Last See Your Father is terribly boring. That is all there needs to be said. Do Not Watch.

Keenan S (nl) wrote: This film feels more like a spin-off of the Puppet Master series than just a standalone film, but as it stands, I had a lot of fun watching Doll Graveyard since it hearkens back to the Puppet Master series with its tone and premise. If you liked the Puppet Master films, you'll probably have fun with this film, but if you didn't, you'll hate it. What can I say? I love bad films.

Mr D (ru) wrote: This looks like they got some internet nerd writing the scenario for this; nazi helmets and asian chicks. But then they would have been tits and sex in it. They don't give any backstory and the title doesn't make any sense. For the rest it's an generic action movie.

Kristen P (nl) wrote: Whoopi Goldberg is fantastic in Herbert Ross's last film.

Eugene K (au) wrote: The synopsis is pretty apt. Imagine if you started with "Flowers in the Attic" and made it into a good film. Teens siblings who are pushed into the role of pseudo-parents become incestuous while trying to protect their family from outside eyes which would put them into foster homes.

Oscar H (br) wrote: Bisarrt usel Alienkopia, med en vndning s sansls att man tappar hakan; den vidriga slemklumpen till monster som slaktar besttningsmn p lpande band lser mot slutet i en bibel, blir snll och hjlper drefter de verlevande mnniskorna att laga apparater, samt ter lunch och spelar schack med dem! Lika bra att f det sagt eftersom ingen vettig mnniska nd kommer att se skiten. Budgeten r s osannolikt lg att rymdfrjebesttningen obegripligt nog tvingas krypa genom korridorer i form av trnga rr fr att ta sig till skeppets olika delar. Det lckra omslaget till DVD:n r en del av filmhistoriens allra mest felaktiga marknadsfringskampanjer. Ngot positivt med filmen? Jo, tjejerna i den r frmodligen fotomodeller, och filmen r ett finfint alternativ till smnmedel. Undvik!

Daniel A (de) wrote: Taps is an immature, poorly made film that relies heavily on killing off its young protagonists in a transparent effort to manipulate its audience. When one thinks of great boarding school movies, Dead Poet's Society, Rushmore, and even School Ties come to mind. Taps pales in comparison to these better-known, and just plain better, counterparts. The plot sees a group of wannabe soldiers fight for the right to keep their beloved school from being turned into an apartment block, and they will go to any length to do so. However when their harebrained plan leads to an ever-increasing body count the time comes to reassess the situation, and an important decision must be made. It's not often that I would side with estate agents but in this case of 'military brats versus realtors', I would pick anyone over the irksome kids depicted here. Their actions are so over-the-top and irritatingly self-righteous that the movie plunges to a level of utter ridiculousness. This is most notable in a supposedly pivotal scene where a teenage troublemaker is shot dead during a fracas with the army boys. It is at this point that it becomes very clear just how poorly written and directed the film is. With the boy killed the reaction of those around him is laughable; nobody screams, shouts or cries, instead they all just stand around as the headmaster of the school has the gun in his hand (even though a second earlier it was quite clearly in the hand of one of the teenagers). It's a confusing mess of a scene, designed to shock and spark emotion in the viewer, but succeeds only in baffling them, and making the closing of the school a whole lot more justified. As the plot continues, the number of child deaths rises. One boy appears to spontaneously combust, burning to death for reasons which still elude me, while another is needlessly shot in accidental gunfire. By this point I found myself so peeved by such blatant attempts to shock the audience to tears through the deaths of children, that I could see nothing beyond the amateur direction and utter stupidity of what was unfolding. The saving grace of the film is undoubtedly its young cast. Who would have thought from their humble beginnings here that both Cruise and Penn would become the huge stars they are today? Penn shows clear promise as the least irritating of the students, delivering an accomplished performance that set him up nicely as a fresh young talent. Meanwhile Cruise is comparatively more annoying but effective nonetheless, as the slightly unhinged David. It isn't exactly a subtle portrayal but it is a predominantly successful one. Credit also to the largely forgotten Timothy Hutton in the lead role, his performance is better than the shoddy script deserves but still cannot rescue the film from its atrociously melodramatic conclusion. As such Taps is simply not worthy of a revisit unless you're curious to see Cruise or Penn so early in their careers. If not, then do yourself a favour and avoid.

Tiger L (br) wrote: A intense, suspenseful, thrilling movie