Ex-con Alex plans to flee to the South with his girl after a robbery. But something terrible happens and revenge seems inevitable.

In a desperate attempt to improve life for his prostitute girlfriend, Tamara, ex-con Alex returns to a life of crime and robs a bank. He plans to flee to the South with his girl after the robbery. But something terrible happens and revenge seems inevitable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emil W (gb) wrote: Eight million people. And still rising.

Charlie L (nl) wrote: Silly, stupid, and horribly scripted, Kuncklehead does, however, of some entertaining sequences.

RayNormanBateman (de) wrote: I don't watch a lot of comic anime movies but this was quite enjoyable. It is hard to rate them as I can't compare it to much. It was enjoyable enough but of course the time travel and alternate universe has been done to death whether on film, anime or comics.

Anita L (au) wrote: I liked this movie because It is very psychological and portrays the need of two friends who need to feel loved, although they go after it in slightly different ways. It is in silence that most words are spoken in this movie, and it brings the effect through perfectly.

Cero Cero C (kr) wrote: Todas las parejas casadas deberian ver esta pelicula bonito mensaje no dejen que la rutina ni el trabajo los aga robots. dispues de 19 aos casados recuerden porke se enamoraron y diviertence con uno al otro

Jessica H (br) wrote: this film is for the dogs.

Adam T (ru) wrote: My favourite Connery Bond (which basically means my favourite Bond film!), From Russia With Love thickens the plot with cold war intrigue and exotic locations, not to mention the gorgeous young Italian actress Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova, a Russian spy and Bond's love interest. Full of great characters too like Bond's charismatic Turkish contact Kerim Bey, and formidable henchman Red Grant (whose train fight with Bond is a classic action sequence). Connery's coolness is very neatly summed up in a scene where he pretends not to notice Red Grant spiking Tatiana's drink, only to confront him at gunpoint about it back in the cabin. Also of note is the fact that the gadgets have been introduced (this is Desmond Llewellyn's first appearance as Q) but apart from a wristwatch that can strangle an opponent, Bond is still reliant on his wits which keeps him (reasonably) grounded in reality. Great film and why it isn't in the 1001 movie list is bizaare.

M C (gb) wrote: An action packed comedy horror that will keep you entertained. It's very underrated.74/100

Chris C (jp) wrote: In a horror franchise that mainly transitions into more comedic elements than anything, 1993's Leprechaun delivers a few chills as well with a solid debut performance by Jennifer Aniston and a wickedly humorous lead from Warwick Davis.

Anthony V (mx) wrote: The cast gives this film a significant boost to an almost by the numbers kids film.