Reveal the Path

Reveal the Path

Reveal the Path is a genre-defying adventure film that contemplates what it means to live an inspired life using the bicycle as a mechanism to explore, dream and discover. Regions explored include Scotlands lush valleys, Europes snow capped mountains, Moroccos high desert landscapes, Nepals rural countryside and Alaskas rugged coastal beaches. Ride along and get lost in the wonders of the world Meet the locals living modest yet seemingly fulfilling lives, leading us to question what it means to live an inspired life however humble or extravagant. Filmed across four continents and featuring Tour Divide race legends, Matthew Lee & Kurt Refsnider, this immersive film is sure to ignite the dream in you. Join in as the creators of Ride the Divide take you on an adventure that will leave you with an eager desire to chart your own course to far away lands or simply to discover with eyes wide open whats right around the bend.

Reveal the Path is a genre-defying adventure film that contemplates what it means to live an inspired life using the bicycle as a mechanism to explore, dream and discover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (fr) wrote: 150708: I was set for 2.5 stars but it felt a little cruel. This movie had it all. Many great characters, lots of violent action, beautiful women, cool vehicles and a rather unique twisting story. But, it basically never gathered steam. It felt flat though it had it all. Strange. Disappointingly strange. Not even sure if I should watch it again or save it in the collection.

Sharon B (ag) wrote: Entertaining, a great cast of characters.

Matt C (au) wrote: Peter Bradshaw hated this so that's usually a great barometer for me that this would in fact be an excellent film and it certainly is. It's perhaps a little soapy at times but for me the simplicity of the film was also it's main strength. All the characters and their battles with the moral issues they face felt believeable and so did their actions. I really enjoyed this.

Rolf J (ag) wrote: The film is visually stunning, but the romanticizing of suppressed feelings is a bit off-putting and the general mawkishness is too much for me.

Wildaly M (fr) wrote: Good rom-com. Not convincing enough for me to give it a higher rating but at least there were no regrets after watching it.

Danny M (it) wrote: Not a bad watch, no interest in watching it a second time but entertaining enough.

Marie C (kr) wrote: This movie was incredibly awful but I gave it a high rating simply because when I saw the killer I had the biggest giggly fit I have had in aaaaaages xD If the commercial break hadn't started when it did, I may have died through laughing-induced asphyxiation :D

Kirby P (de) wrote: I clearly didn't get the joke. Rotten Tomatoes says 65% of critics and 76% of the audience liked this movie, but it's simply not possible for ANYONE to like the movie I just watched. It's AWFUL. It's as though somebody decided to see how bad a movie they could get away with making. AWFUL. Don't see this steaming pile. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: Well-thought out when mixing historical facts with improbable weight to keep the intrigue up and the ride fun while benefiting from Cage's performance. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

ERIC D (de) wrote: what a classic ANOTHER OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES

Muffin M (es) wrote: I own this on DVD in a five movie pack along with:* Fantastic Four - Extended Edition (2005)* Jumper (2008)* The Darkest Hour (2011)* Chronicle (2012)

Jonathan H (gb) wrote: Worth it for one good quote, "Vegas. Then Reno. You don't like it? Tough shit."

Bill C (au) wrote: This was the movie that got me interested in "sound recoding."

Deadly V (au) wrote: Luis Buuel depicts that an old man has every right to have sex with a young girl.

David H (br) wrote: This film feels like a comedy (in a similar nature to four musketeers) in the actors faces and movements... but when looked at what is happening is seems very much not a comedy. Redmond Barry at the end seems like an opportunist, not really following a path, sure of his feelings, and almost randomly selecting what to do... perhaps guided by providence... The second part of the film seems very different from the first, through some set of circumstances he has found himself set up in a sort-of upper class living, which influences and directs him, but still he appears disinterested in what paths he takes... The wandering of live that seems typical in Victoria novels but played out amusingly by kubrick

Ryan C (it) wrote: "Bruno" has its funny laughs, but this movie is just outrageous and at parts, unwatchable.